Leaving On A Jet Plane

Soon we will be headed to Colorado for a little trip. We can't wait to see some of our favorite people and also, cool off a little. It's totally absurd how hot it's been this summer!

Anyway, I would love some advice for traveling with a baby. I would appreciate any tips for getting through security, the plane ride, what to bring, good pack and play sleeping, avoiding altitude sickness, anything really. Please overload me with some of your wisdom. I need it!

Thanks and I hope you had a good weekend!


Miss G said...

Yea! So glad you're coming to my state. It is cooler here.

We just flew to Chicago with our little guy last week. It was great actually. You can totally do it!

Hopefully your flights aren't smack dab in the middle of Katie's nap times but even if they are I don't think it will be the end of the world.

Security: don't put any shoes on her, make it as easy on yourself as you can by not wearing jewelry that might make the metal detector go off, etc. I think the easiest is to take a smallish stroller (unless you need to bring your car seat with you in which case you might want to get or borrow one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Go-Go-Babyz-QRKIDZ-Kidz-Travelmate/dp/B000JJK9EY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313987148&sr=8-1

Anyway, I like to put all my stuff on the belt and then take my little guy out of his stroller at the last minute. Then the other parent can fold the stroller and put it on.

A lot of times the car seat have to go on the belt upside down to fit through. just fyi.

I have been thinking about doing a post of the toys I brought on our flight. I just may have to get on that this week. Finger puppets, board books, small interactive toys with moving parts . . .

Take PLENTY of diapers in your carry-on luggage. I thought we had enough but then our sweet boy had some bad diaper trouble resulting in needing 5 diaper changes between the riding the subway to the airport till we landed in CO. It was rough. The only diapers we found for sale were $7 for TWO diapers and a few wipes!!! Highway robbery. Plus they only had size three and our little guy wears size 4s now.

Snacks are good for the plane too and an empty sippy cup that the flight attendants probably won't mind filling for you.

As far as sleeping. We've traveled a lot with our little guy and sleeping has been really rough in the past. This time I decided to bring the two short crib bumpers from his bed at home and put them in the hotel crib. Worked wonders!

Avoid altitude sickness by not going too, too high the first 48 hours I believe it is. Like don't go to the top of a mountain or something. The other thing is drink TONS of water.

That's what I can think of at the moment. Feel free to ask me any questions that come to mind. We've done this a bunch plus we live in CO.

Have a GREAT trip.


p.s. one other thing, I really love traveling with my son. Even though I stay home with him it is still a neat time of getting to focus on him in a different way without the distractions of housework and your normal routine at home. Soak it up!

laurensmommy said...

I second the comment on bringing LOTS of diapers and wipes + extra change of clothes....you never know when something could happen and a flight could be delayed or cancelled, etc. You don't want to have to purchase that stuff in a air port store.

Also- have something for her to suck on during takeoff to help with the ear popping thing. I chew gum, but for kids- a pacifier or sippy cup/bottle will help them be comfortable.

Bring a portable dvd player w/ear phones if she likes to watch tv (with a few of her fave dvds of course). And maybe some NEW toys or toys that she hasn't played with in a while to keep her interested on the plane.

And try to let her walk around before getting on the plane so she can get her energy out and be sleepy.:)

Hope it goes well!

Taylin said...

Have fun on your trip! I guess my advice is a little different. The first trip I crammed my carryon full of diapers and two extra outfits and tons of toys. I hated it! I hated having to rummage through EVERYTHING to find what I needed. (and I was organized!) Plus my backpack was so big with all the baby stuff and my stuff too, that I hit everyone in the head as I walked through the aisle. I didn't make many friends on my way back to my seat with that big ole thing! After that trip I switched to one extra outfit and 3 or so diapers. (One right before we board, one for during/after the flight and one just in case.) Then I brought a new toy or two, books, snacks, and suckers (for the ear popping) I know everyone says bring lots of diapers but I figure if its an emergency I don't mind shelling out the extra money for my lighter, roomier backpack.
Another thing that made things easier for us was to go ahead and buy a seat for the kids and use their carseats. (We figured this out after a 3hr flight of straight SCREAMING!! No lie! It was bad!)I think it made them feel like we were in the car and they were less likely to wiggle out of the airplane seat belt. We bought a little clip system that hooks the carseat to a roller carryon. (http://www.travelingtoddler.com/) I highly recommend something like that! We got ours on Amazon for $15! And like a pp said . . . Let them walk, walk, walk before you board!!
Have fun!! Traveling with kids is actually pretty fun!

Erin K said...

Have a great trip!!! And PLEASE bring back some colder weather with you! I'll settle for "coldish". Sounds like you've gotten some great advice already. I'm sure Katie will be great. Just bring some of your jewelry to play with. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget an extra change of clothes for YOU too! Babies/kids can get motion sick and it is usually mom who gets tagged. I took extra diapers/wipes and don't forget plastic bags to put the dirty diapers in - it can really make a stink otherwise! I've found if you are REALLY nice at the TSA security, they will be really nice to you too - I made a big deal about this being our first trip and they went out of their way to assist us - we essentially had our own security line because we had so much stuff! Definitely take a bottle/paci for take-off AND landing (bring more than you think you'll need!!), and don't forget a little blanket to put over her car seat when she's sleeping (assuming you're getting her own seat). If you don't get her a seat, I've been told that the bjorns are great since it keeps them contained and comforted. We also fly in the evening when she's usually sleeping. Good luck!!

Frugal Jen said...

What a fun trip! We were out there in June with the kids.

A lifesaver for us was training Caroline at home to sleep in the pack and play before we left (2 nights). It was also a great place for her to play at the hotel instead of crawling around on the floor.

Have a great trip!! Can you send some of the cool weather this way?

Miss G said...

I came back to write about bringing extra clothes for the parents too and plastic bags but someone already did.

Christine wrote about the baby bjorn and while I've had good experiences "wearing" my little guy in the airport and on flights before, just an fyi that they don't let you wear them through security anymore apparently and you are not allowed to wear them during take-off and landing. To me it became not worth the hassle of taking them in and out.


donna said...

Best advice...take Katie's Nonni with you