My Little Teenager

Marcus took Katie to hang out with the teeny boppers at church tonight for a little bit.
So she had to look the part.

The youth department is called The Epic Student Ministry.
And Katie's dress says, "Future Epic Student".

While they were out, I did some spray painting.
I finally finished my dining room chairs!

So even though I wasn't at church, I was still praising The Lord!
This project has drug on long enough.

Do you know about this spray paint handle doohickey?
(oh my goodness, Blogger agrees that doohickey is a real word and it's not all squiggled under saying it's misspelled! They never agree with any of my slang!)

Anywoo, (squiggle!) You put it on your can of spray paint and it makes it so much easier to spray. Then you don't end up with a crazy cramped up hand when you are done.

Do you remember the time that Chandler from Friends played Ms. Pac-Man all day long and ended up with the claw? Spray paint hand is the same way. So get a handle and save your hand. I don't think it works for Ms. Pac-Man though.


Courtney Osborne said...

I can't believe you are just now telling me about the doohickey! Does it prevent the painted pointer finger? The chairs look great!

Lauren & Matt said...

LOVE the chairs!! And excited to try the spray paint doohickey!