Pictureless Post

Pictureless Post is kind of the opposite of Wordless Wednesday!

I have to post from my laptop, because my "real" computer is having issues connecting to the internet. And I only know how to download pics on that computer.

You really don't want any pictures from my day anyway.

It consisted of 3 poopy diapers, including one that got flung on the ground with the contents falling on the carpet.

The puppy broke a mirror today and dumped his water bowl, that was big and full, and it flooded the entire house! (that was a tiny exaggeration)

Then I got peed on before bath time by the same person that flung a poopy diaper.
(I won't name any names, because I don't want to embarrass her...or him)

At least I met my commitment to blog every day. Not sure what that will get me, but it's something.

The saddest thing of all, is that I am ready to go to bed and I just remembered my sheets are still in the dryer and my bed is nekkid!


Ashley Tremaine said...

Oh girl!! I am LOVING that you are writing every day!! You are too darn funny not to share with us your poopy days and auction filled nights!! ;) Keep it up and thanks for making me smile!!

Lauren & Matt said...

Ha... That sounded like my day the other day, but my child peed on the floor then attempted to crawl in it.. But I also had poopy messes too! Including washing crib sheet.. ;-) and don't you hate when you are ready for bed and you remember sheets are in the dryer?? My mom is a smart one, every Saturday morning she washes, dries and puts her sheets back on her bed before doing anything else.. I may have to try that :-D