Sometimes it Pays to be a Follower

Do you like my new dining room?
Just kidding!

I just started following some more home decor/crafty blogs today.
I have been in need of more inspiration lately. Blogs are taking over my magazine addiction. It's much cheaper!

Anyway, much to my delight Miss Mustard Seed just did a post about this farm table. She did a "how to" article about it in Cottages and Bungalows for their October issue.

I was JUST asking Marcus yesterday if we could make a farm table! Now we will actually know how instead of just guessing, like usual!

So if you need some home decor inspiration, visit some of the new and old blogs I follow, because I don't have any for you today!


Unknown said...

Love your inspiring post - I too am in need of inspiration as well. Just wanted to let you know you can borrow magazines from your local library - yes! check them out! and you can takes lots at a time. Yes, I blog about the "beauty" of the library. Would love for you to visit sometime.

xoxo michele

A Boy, His Girls & A Big Dog said...

I too am in search of inspiration via home decor blogs, and have found some beauties. I have to give you some credit, I stole an idea from you and I am getting ready to reveal it, just two more small things to finish up :)

Nikki Davis said...

Dina! I can't believe you don't have a long list in your favorites column with DIY makeover sites. I have a long list and your blog is on mine! :-)

If you want plans for furniture, have you seen Knock off Wood? She changed the name to Ana White, but she's still Knock-off Wood on Facebook. She has all kinds of plans for designer furniture. I've built several of her Pottery Barn shelving units. I was able to go to Home Depot get exactly what I needed with all the wood cut to the exact dimensions I needed. http://ana-white.com/

And there is a blog called Better After that has become one of my favorites. If you haven't already, check it out! http://betterafter.blogspot.com/

I'm going with friends the first morning of school to see The Help. Read it in the spring and can't wait to see it!


Hollie said...

GIRL, you need to get on Pinterest!!! You will love it! Inspiration galore!

The Kelsos said...

Dina, I LOVE Miss Mustard Seed!! My friend introduced me to her blog about a year ago and she is who inspired me to start painting with AS chalk paint. LOVE the stuff. Totally worth the extra money. Since you paint so much furniture, you HAVE to give it a try. I bought mine from a stockist in McKinney, but I'm sure there's someone closer to you. You are going to die when you first use it.