The Sunday News

Happy Sunday.
I remember way back when I had a real job, I would get the
Sunday night blues
I DID NOT want to go to work the next day!
Schedules make me feel trapped!
Do any of you get the Sunday night blues?

Now we don't have very traditional weekends over here. I get to stay home and Marcus doesn't have a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday job. So there is no need for Sunday night blues anymore.

Katie took time to read the Sunday paper today
or at least make total mess of it:

What me? Make a mess?

This is the exact moment she saw her daddy walk into the room with ice cream!

Then she sat begging at his feet. Do you think she got some of it?

Of course she did!
Oh, and I should mention that it's Katie's 13 month birthday today. I feel like she turned 1, a second ago. That was a fast month!

Tonight we went to Marcus's family's church. Our sister-in-law, Lisa, was doing a little worship concert with her brother Josh.

It was so great! I always love to hear them both sing.

Katie and her Uncle David. (Lisa's husband and Marcus's brother)

It was a good day.
I love Sundays, because we really use them as our day of rest.
No projects, no errands, no cleaning, no laundry....
Just church, lunch with family, and a nap!
And the best part NO BLUES!


Unknown said...

I hear you! I had a job years and years ago that made Sunday miserable.
So blessed to be doing what I love now. Your daughter is beautiful.

xoxo michele

Nicole said...

It's so funny how opposite you and I are. I start getting giddy on Sunday afternoons because the next day is MONDAY, my favorite day of the week! That's the day that everybody gets back to their SCHEDULE!! :)

(But I must admit that I had a serious case of the Sunday blues when I had to work outside the home.)

Brooke said...

Yes, I got the Sunday night blues when I was teaching full time! It was sad:(

I've been trying to be better about just resting after church; it does make a difference!!

Erin K said...

I totally get the Sunday Night Blues! I need to retire. :) Love the pic of her seeing the ice cream for the first time. Such a cutie!