It's still a million degrees here. We are set to break a record of the most consecutive days at 100 degrees or over. Yay for us!

Katie and I went to the mall for a little while. It's nice and cool there.

We went to Bath and Body works and pretended like it was fall. They have these new cute little candles that were 3 for $5. They are the perfect size for a smaller room

I got mostly all fall scents and one that is eucalyptus spearmint. I already put it in my bathroom and didn't feel like retrieving it for this picture. It was in the other wing of the house!

This afternoon my niece, Jennifer,
had her "Show Offs" for her drill team. They learned 7 new dances in 3 days and we got to see them all. They did great!

She is the captain this year and I couldn't be more proud of her!

They did a hip hop dance, that they called "old school" and it was to rap songs from the 90's. Um, the 70's or 80's can be old school, but not the 90's. That's when I graduated and that was just a couple of years ago. Right?

Oh, and get this! 2 people asked me if I had a daughter in the drill team? Hello!? I am practically the same age as those girls. That's what I think in my head at least. I guess if I got knocked up in college one of them could be my daughter. BUT I DIDN'T! I waited until the responsible age of 35 to have a baby. Thank you very much!

Katie sat on her Annie's lap and was mesmerized by the whole thing.

Then we all went and ate Mexican food, but I failed to get any pictures. I was too busy enjoying my fajitas.

After that it was time for FRIDAY NIGHT FIREWORKS!

Our little family, including dogs, piled in the truck.

Katie is probably the only 1 year old still in a carrier car seat. We are getting a new one REAL soon. It does hold up to 35 lbs and she's 21, so it still works:

Katie's cousin, Jeddy, was great entertainment for her:

And Aunt Pam played Peek a Boo:

It was a fun day.
I love having family live close. I love new candles, Mexican food, drill team, and fire works. If it was 75 degrees instead of 110, it would have been a perfect day!


Mallorie said...

I LOVE friday night fireworks!!! :-) My parents live out by the lake and we can ride our golf cart down the street to watch! Such a fun summer tradition! AMEN for fall candles and cooler weather...I CANNOT WAIT! :-)

Nicole said...

LOOOOOVE the pic of the new puppy in the truck. He's certainly one of the family now!! So cute!

Brooke said...

Fun day! I feel that way when I hang out with youth group kids-- like I'm not that much older, right?! I still feel like being 17 was yesterday.

Lauren said...

I can't wait to buy some of those candles! :) Was it just a special or an all the time thing?

Kelly’s Korner said...

You make me laugh -
Old school 90's rap makes me very sad.
My class reunion is next weekend and the majority of my class has high school aged kids. I'm sporting a newborn. I honestly feel too young to have babies......much less teenagers.
My BFF Laurie kept her daughter Sarah Kate in a carrier until she was like 2 - not really - but probably over one and we have always laughed about it. So you are not alone! :-) I'll send her to your blog! She would love you!

Erin K said...

I'm with you. 90's in not old school! Those candles make me wanna go to Bath and Body Works. LOVE the fall smells. And Katie looks sooooo cute in her little blue tu-tu skirt!