Want vs Need

I want this house. Isn't it pretty?!

It's for sale. It could be mine.


Marcus gets a raise, tripling his salary.
It could happen.
I think they should triple fire fighters' salaries. If that counts for anything.

This is the kind of house I could live in forever. I can just picture Katie growing up here. I can picture having tons of parties and get togethers. (the good wholesome kind, not the kegger kind) I picture Christmas garland on the columns and pumpkins on the porch. Not at the same time of course. Then when Marcus and I are old and gray...well, grayer, Katie will come over with her cute husband and kids to visit us. It won't be a long trip for them, since they will live next door!

I don't need this house. We have shelter, but I want it.
I have already talked to God about it.

"Nothing is impossible with God"
Luke 1:37

Something else that tickled my fancy was this cute bag from Brighton:

I think it's perfect for traveling ...which I will be doing soon. And just for everyday use too.
I love that you can wipe it off. And I love that it can hold lots of crapola, because if you have a baby, you have crapola. It would be way more stylish then carrying around a diaper bag too. Is it possible that this could fall under the need category?

In comparison to the house, it's a bargain!
It's 3,000 times cheaper!

I am so thankful that God does provide all that I need + a million times more. I am also thankful that he gave me the freedom, and the imagination, to hope and wish and dream for things too. AND I am fully aware that if I don't get what I want, it means He has a better plan for me!
That's exciting!


Always Learning said...

Great post!!! He is so good and is our Provider...I love Him so. Everything good comes from Him.

Jennifer said...

I agree Firefighters should get a huge raise! :)

Heather Allen said...

That house is adorable and I definitely agree firefighters need a raise! Cute bag as well...but I'm not surprised as you have FABULOUS taste!

Taylin said...

It IS exciting that His plan is ALWAYS better! I too vote that firefighters should get a raise for a couple of reasons: they work hard to keep us safe, they look so cute in their uniforms :) and because I would love for you to be able to get that house. I want to see you decorate another house! Love your style!

Erin K said...

You crack me up! You should write a book and then you'll make quadruple the salary of a firefighter. I'm the same way when it comes to handbags, and flip flops for that matter. There's nothing wrong with a dream as long as it doesn't make you blind to what you have.

ASC said...

Love that you're blogging everyday this month...your posts are hysterical!

Lori said...

Such a FUN post! HAHA!!! BEAUTIFUL house too...

Dawn said...

Amen! And firefighters and teachers should be paid more!!!!

Dixie said...

You crack me up! All I do is laugh when you write. Thank you for sharing and being real!