What a Cute Little Boy!

Katie and I got our hairs cut today!

I had to cut Katie's hair when she was 2 months old, because it was out of control, but this is her first Frank hair cut. I have been going to Frank for 13 years!

Do you see those curls up there? They are gone now! :(
Frank shaped everything up real cute, so when it grows out it won't be so straggly.

This is when Katie needed a drink, because she wasn't sure she could handle it!

(oh and yes, I haven't given up the bottle yet. and yes, she is one, and has been for over a month now. I am waiting until after our trip to kick the bottle to the curb. I want it for the plane!)

Pretty curls on the ground:

Katie and Frank are still friends:

I need to get a picture of her from the side.

If it weren't for the pink and the bow, she could really pass as my son!

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amberdawn said...

She is definitely still a girl-bow or not! :) Please tell Frank I said "Hello" I so miss him!