Yes, We Are Crazy!

And Yes, We are moving...eventually.

The house is not on the market yet, but will be in a few weeks.
First we have to get it ready.

Remember when I told you the AC flooded our guest room? That has not totally been resolved yet. We are getting a new AC tomorrow and then we will replace the carpet.

We also have a few other little projects that need to be done. Like clean my closets! It's hard for me to have a clean house and clean closets at the same time!

Some of you guessed that I got my dream house:

Oh how I wish I could say that was true! And I love that you guys dream BIG with me!
If I do ever get this house it would be a true miracle from God.
Which I totally believe in and have experienced in my life.

I DID enter the Publisher's Clearing House Giveaway! I could win $5,000 a week for the rest of my life. They announce the winner on the 31st. So I will be sure to be dressed and ready if they come to my house with cameras and balloons!

So maybe if I win, we can buy the house. And if I get that house, you are ALL invited for a big celebration!

I will tell you why we are moving tomorrow. (I'm not pregnant and neither is Marcus!)

Now, I need your opinion:

I wanted a pop of pink on my corner cabinet.
So I hung this frame. Do you like it with the mirror in it or with out it.
Or with no pink frame at all?

Just the frame:

With the mirror:

It would probably make more sense if I showed you the whole room, huh? Maybe I will do that tomorrow too.

Look at the cute t-shirt that my sister got me:

I have a THING for Peeps!

Have a good weekend! And if you hear of anyone needing a house with a pink dining room, send them my way!


Nicole said...

Hmmmm ... I swore it was because you were buying that house. Now I have another thought ....

Pink frame without the mirror.

Nutty Mom said...

I'd say no frame and a pop of pink with something on the shelf instead. But if you go with the frame, then no mirror.

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

No mirror, I love the look!

Love your dream house, so classic.

kimert said...

I like the frame with the mirror!
I will sell you my house or even trade with you... you would LOVE East TN. Promise. ;)

Staci said...

No mirror. Now I won't be able to sleep tonight wondering why you're moving!!

ginacate said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall...why are they moving, afterall? (I like it WITH the mirror)

sl said...

I like w/o the mirror!

Twinkle Terrior said...

"Kickin it with my Peeps" LOL Love it .. CONGRATS on moving. AND - hope ya win the $5000 per week. :) PS- without the mirror

Anonymous said...

Love your peeps t-shirt - so cute! I always love what you do, but I'm not loving the frame (with or without the mirror) on the cabinet. Can't wait to see what your plans are - I loooove your projects! Also, I saw the newcast with Marcus in the bucket at that house fire a few weeks ago - I said to my husband "I think that is Marcus" - like we knew you guys! He thought I was crazy!! :)

Catherine said...

With the mirror- it looks too busy to me without it.

I can't believe you are selling your house!- although I will look forward to seeing what you do with a new house. Good news, there are 2 houses right next to me for sale. They are small, but that means cheap and lots of extra money for decorating!

A Boy, His Girls & A Big Dog said...

No Mirror, and potentially no frame either if you can find a pop of pink another way...but I do LOVE the frame!