This super cool baby is 14 months old today!

Most of the time, I still can't believe I have my very own baby!
I love seeing Cheerios in my car, toys in my purse and picking up little toys and shoes from around the house. They all feel like rights of passage as a mom!

Today we went to Sam's and Katie was trying to steal my Coke Icee! She hasn't fully figured out the concept of sucking out of a straw.

I am not in a hurry for her to learn, because I REALLY don't like to share my Coke!

Yesterday was Katie's 3rd time at school and she did great!
The first 2 times she went, I was told she was, "still adjusting". Yesterday she was super happy all day. That is more like her personality!

This is Katie's very first piece of art work:

I know you are so impressed with her abilities!

And the back pack scandal of 2011 is officially OVER! For those of you who don't know, I got Katie a back pack that, I THOUGHT, would be pretty original. Well, half the girls in her class had it!

It made me sick. I lived with it for a week and decided it was stealing my joy too much. So my friend Kari made an original one for her! Kari's business is on Facebook under the embroidery boutique.

I LOVE it!
I know having the same back pack as half the class is no big deal AT ALL!
It's just one of those things, as a newish mom, that I was excited about. I don't spend much on Katie. Lots of her clothes and shoes are gifts and hand me downs. So it was worth it to me to spend the $ on another back pack. I am sure we will get tons of use out of both!

And I am sure it is no coincidence that Katie had a great day at school on the day she brought her new back pack!
And here I am TRYING to attach videos of Katie taking her first steps last night! FINALLY!

I hope it works, so you can see how Marcus ruined this precious moment. Or at least hear how he did!

And I sound like a character from the Chipmunks!

That is my "special" voice I use when talking to puppies and babies! And I turned the video camera sideways, because I wasn't getting her feet! It wasn't my most logical moment.

Yay! My baby is walking.

I love that girl!


Kara said...

Katie is so adorable. I just want to say that I love your blog. I had a little girl April 2010 and I love seeing another little girl her age. It is so fun. I love BOTH her backpacks! Cute! And I love the way you decorate (I'm sure you've never heard that one...)

Michele said...

Love the sound affects on the video! :)

Mallorie said...

Oh my goodness, her new backpack is just TOO CUTE! :-) I TOTALLY understand you wanting her to have an original backpack at school!!!

Sara Lynn said...

how cute!! Good job Katie!

donna said...

Way to go Katie Belle!

Nicole said...

First of all ... Paper Towels anyone?? :)

Second, there is ABSOLUTELY no coincidence that Katie's first good day of school was when she had the proper accessories. Ever gone somewhere with a purse that didn't match because you couldn't find your other one? Yeah.

Happy walking, Katie!!

Nicole said...

Okay .. I just went over to Bountiful Blessings cause I'm blog browsing and at the bottom of the blog is a HYSTERICAL picture of you and Marcus with them on a ride. SO FUNNY! And, that's not Marcus' Bronco that's for sale, is it?

kimert said...

Gotta say, I think the new backpack is SO much cuter than the other one and I do love owls. lol her art work is amazing! I wish I could pull off those big sunglasses like KB does. They just don't suit me. ;)

Leslie said...

I like the new backpack even better than the owl one. It's adorable - and so is Katie walking! Yea for big girls!