I am NOT the Pioneer Woman!

While Katie was at school on Tuesday, I was very productive! I ran some errands and made some crosses to sell at Golightly's:

I am just noticing some Cheerios on my floor. oops! I CONSTANTLY have Cheerios on my floor now!

I love how the yellow and turquoise one turned out.
Now I want to decorate with these colors.

Yesterday I got a HUGE surprise and Marcus came home!!!
I thought he would be home today. He showed up yesterday with flowers! I was so excited!

BUT, I looked terrible and the house looked worse! Of course he didn't care, but I did. I had dreams of the house being perfect and Katie and I looking perfect too, when he walked in the door.

So I decided I was at least going to make a wonderful meal for him. I cracked open my Pioneer Woman Cookbook, and ambitiously tried her Chicken Fried Steak!

It did NOT turn out like it was supposed to! Somehow it was burned and RAW at the same time! And SUPER greasy. Marcus still put it on his plate. I was scared it was going to kill him. We didn't eat it. Even his manners are not that good!

Actually nothing on the plate tasted very good! I laughed and cried!

And look at THE MESS I made! Holy cannolli!

The goldfish weren't used in the recipe, but I guess I should have added a few. It might have helped the situation!

It took me an hour to clean the kitchen!
I really need The Pioneer Woman to give me a personal tutorial, since I am culinary challenged!

So today we forgot about that disaster and just enjoyed spending time together!

We went to Cabella's for Marcus:

We saw some wild animals:

And some cute ones:

He would totally wear this if I let him:

Katie didn't like it too much:

She LOVED this puppy though:

She has a "thing" for stuffed animals.

I saw this scary guy on our way out:

So today has been a good day!
I did not attempt to cook anything! I actually did make some turkey sandwiches for lunch and they turned out just fine!

I am so happy Marcus is home and hopefully we can go out to eat tomorrow night!

PS- remember to enter the candle giveaway from Soy Country Candles! I will announce a winner tomorrow!


Stephanie said...

We prayed in our morning meeting that he would come home safely. Yay! I am terrible at fixing chicken fried steak and gravy. It is Chance's favorite too!

Brooke said...

Dear Dina,

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I've been praying for Marcus. I've enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time now and got my cute Mom hooked as a reader too. I've been away from blogging for a few weeks, and Mom called to tell me that your hubby was gone. This is very personal for me.

My dearest friend in the entire world lives in Bastrop, outside of Austin, and her house has been surrounded by raging fires since Sunday. She has evacuated twice, and is now serving as best she can as support for the firemen stationed at the end of her street. She has 100 cases of water in her living room and is preparing as many snacks and meals as she can manage. She actually works for the APD, and the police and firemen have worked closely together through this entire ordeal. I have been in constant contact with her and am struggling to get my mind around the situation there....tragedy, courage, hope, and the very BEST firefighters in the world, working tirelessly.

I'm glad your man is back home safe, and I continue to pray for those who are working so incredibly hard to keep my friend out of danger.

As you know, the winds there have been difficult and unpredictable, and many of the fires in the early part of the week were impossible to contain. The sustained effort of ALL the volunteer and rescue workers is a blessing in the truest sense of that word.


And for goodness sakes, take that man OUT to dinner. Ha!!! (I tried PW stew one night and had the same results.)

God Bless your sweet (reunited) family.

Mallorie said...

YAY so glad he's home!!!! :-) Your dinner LOOKED really pretty on the plate, even if it didn't taste good! I'm sure he appreciated the effort you went through! And ps I love your plates...my hubby and I got that pattern when we got married!

Michele said...

Hi Dina! Would I be able to buy some crosses from you? I LOVE them! Thanks for your fun blog...I always enjoy reading it. I'm also having oodles of fun doing a blog. Check it out if ya have time...michelecraft.blogspot.com
That is if you have some free time in between cooking those wonderful Pioneer Woman recipes. I told my husband that I was born in the wrong era as I LOVE all things vintage & retro, etc. He just smiled and said he was pretty sure although I love all those things I wouldn't have loved the way they had to live back in the day! Whatever did that man mean by that? :) Let me know about purchasing some crosses and do you still make cross jewelry???? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there~
Stumbled upon your blog from 320 Sycamore...I'm in love!! And I would really like to buy a cross of yours for my sister. She had a baby girl in February 2009, Andie Grace. She was born with a heart defect and only lived three weeks. When I saw that cross, I thought of her instantly! So precious! Please contact me and let me know...
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