The Weekend and Some Decorating Tips From My Dad

Another week flew by!
This whole year is going FAST! I brought the girls in my Sunday School class candy canes on Sunday, because it was the 25th and only 3 months until Christmas! Doesn't that seem crazy? It's been close to 100 here, so it seems crazy to me!

We got to visit Marcus at work this weekend!

Katie loved playing on the fire truck.

Can you tell how much she loves her daddy?

He has big boots to fill!

On Friday night we went out to eat with the Osbornes in Fort Worth! It was a beautiful night. First we went to Dutch's for the world's best hamburger then to Sweet Sammies for ice cream sandwiches. I met a blog reader, Nikki, when I was there. That was pretty exciting and embarrassing. I always forget that people read this thing.

Charis is a little doll:

She wasn't very happy with me earlier in the night:

Earlier in the week I had a decorating job. Here are just a few pics of that:

When I was at my parent's house my dad told me that he had gotten into decorating!
He wanted me to see how he made the bed:

He said, "Up is in!"

Then he told me that I wasn't allowed to put it on the blog! When you say that, it automatically goes on the blog! And I can't get grounded anymore, so I'm not scared!


Michele said...

Hi Dina! Your little blessing is too darling! Especially in her daddy's fire uniform! LOVE LOVE LOVE the decorating you've done! I wanna try something with window shutters...just like you do! heehee!

All That Glitters said...

Can you fly to SC and decorate for me pretty please?!!!! We would have tons of fun! I promise! lol!

Looks wonderful! I always love to see how you decorate!

Mallorie said...

Oh my gosh I love Katie's outfit!!! Polka dots are one of my favorites!!! Love your decorating job!!! I currently have an empty foyer and it is DRIVING.ME.CRAZY. I have yet to find an entry table that I like enough to put there...but I love what you did...I'll be saving that picture :-)

Kellie said...

I agree.....come to SC! Or at least open an etsy shop so I can buy some of your crosses and I also need that "Home is where your story begins" sign!!! Great job! Oh and 'up is in' my dad would totally say something like that...lol!

Jamie said...

I love how you used the window and shutters over that bench. So cute! Love the pillows too!

kimert said...

I absolutely love the pic of Katie in her daddy's boots... that one deserves a frame!

laurensmommy said...

haha! I'm laughing so hard at your dad's decorating (clearly you did not inherit that ability from him!) :)

But in his defense, I was watching the Nate Berkus show yesterday, and if he said it once, he said it a million times, "vertical is the way to go"- but I think he was referring to storage, not necessarily decorating! :)

Erin K said...

I had no idea up was in. Good tip. :) Katie looks so cute in the fire truck pics! And great job on the decorating job!

H.i.D. said...

Hi. Could u tell me wher you got the black tee shirt with the orange flowers??? ( the one the little girl is wearing with the orange tutu. Thnx so much!

Courtney and Stephen Osborne said...

I got the shirt on mamabargains.com. They are a deal a day site. But, it looks super easy to make. I saw some things at Hobby Lobby yesterday that could be used to embellish a plain tee. I am sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

H.i.D. said...

Oh! Thnx for your time & info!! Have a great nite!