Happy Halloween!

This cute little 50's girl went trick or treating at 2 whole houses!

Katie LOVED having random kids come to our door. She squealed every time the door bell rang!

Now I am ready to start putting up some Christmas trees!
I will use some restraint and wait a couple of weeks!


My New Room

The stomach bug came for a visit on Monday, so I spent lots of time in this bed the last 2 days. I won't show you where else I spent some time. I bet you can guess.
We are all settled in our new room. I still have lots of tweaking to do, but it's almost there.

I LOVE the wood floors Marcus put in, with the help of my dad. I actually helped stain those puppies. And I was sore for about 2 days. So sad.

The trunk at the foot of the bed holds our comforters. We don't sleep with the one on the bed. Marcus likes to wrap up like a burrito, so we have to have 2 separate comforters. It's the secret to our 12 years of marriage. So I have 2 really soft comfortable ones, that totally don't match the room. I like that they can be stored in the trunk when I make the bed.

I added a cute flower pin to my throw pillow. It was only $6 at the Sample House. I don't know if those are everywhere or just local. I know that Hobby Lobby has cute flower pins too.

Here's what the room looked like when it was guest roomish and carpety:

My mom helped me A TON last week when we made the switcheroo. She moved my entire closet, and helped me get everything organized. She took Katie on walks and played with her while I worked on the house. It's nice to have family close, especially when your family is nice. Thanks mom!

I need a lamp on the left side (Marcus and I don't have sides, we switch back and forth, because we're crazy like that) of the bed and maybe a small dresser there too, because right now my underwear is in the dining room. No kidding!

Here's the dresser in the dining room. Don't go digging through there for a napkin, because you might be surprised!

Today while I was getting my hair cut and freshly painted, Marcus must have had a photo shoot with Katie and the dogs:

Katie's working on some teeth right now, so her hands are constantly in her mouth.
I think she just told Cash, "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!"

Cash and Blue frolicking in the yard:

I am ready to go crawl in my comfy bed with my, unmatching comforter, next to my burrito husband!


12 Years!

Happy Anniversary to us!

This 12 years has flown by, but it also feels like forever! I can't imagine my life with out Marcus.

We met in Jr. High and were just acquaintances and had mutual friends. He was a class clown, kind of silly, didn't care a thing about girls, and just wanted to hang out with his friends. I, on the other hand, was boy crazy. And never in one million years did I think Marcus would be my husband.

Once, when I was at Texas Tech, one of my friends came in to town to go to a foot ball game. He brought Marcus and another guy and they all stayed at my house. I was glad to have them there, but I still didn't see "husband" when I saw Marcus.

Then after I graduated from Tech, I moved to Myrtle Beach for a year. I came back home because my sister and best friend were both getting married. My plan was to live in the area for the summer during all the wedding hoopla, then move somewhere else exciting.

Right after I moved home, I went over to my friend James's house. He had JUST moved in with Marcus and another guy. Well, I kind of became a regular over there! Marcus and I went on our first date in June and after 2 weeks of dating we were talking marriage. We just KNEW that we were supposed to be together. Needless to say, I didn't end up moving away! We were inseparable since the day we started dating.

We have a very super happy life together.
We try to put God first always, then each other, then Katie, then everything else.

Things don't always fall in that order, but we try!

Marcus got me beautiful roses and a really pretty frame. He wasn't supposed to get me anything, because we got these angel wings:

I really want to get a mirror to put between them, but I was anxious to hang them up.

We thought they were fitting since we were due to have a baby last week. We always want to remember that angel baby. I am tearing up just typing that.

Last week was kind of sad. It's hard not to think about what "would have been". Our lives would have looked so different right now if that little heart didn't stop beating.

Our hope and trust is in God, so we have peace.
And we are super thankful for Katie Belle and mostly for each other, and our marriage of 12 years...and counting!


The Patch

We have officially switched our master bedroom and guest room...and I am officially pooped! I will take pictures one day. My card was full and wouldn't allow any more pics. I still have Katie's birthday on there. Her ORIGINAL birthday...over a year ago. I can't bring myself to delete them. Along with 2500 other pictures!

In addition to working our buns off, we were able to have a tiny bit of fun in the last week too.

We went to the Pumpkin Patch!

We always go t Hall's Pumpkin Farm in Colleyville. My friend Lisa's family owns it.

I had to take Katie's picture in the pumpkin bin, because we did last year too.

Here's the little pumpkin:

Do you think it will be weird if I still put her in there when she's 15?

Katie had a great time.
She always walks around everywhere like she owns the place:

Katie's friends, Charis and Drew were there too!

I love these punkins!
Or as Katie would say, "pumpins".

Tomorrow I get to celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss!


The Project

This is my dining room right now:

Pretty huh?
Then entire contents of my guest bedroom is in there. And the entire contents of the guest bedroom's messy closets are in the dining room too.

We, and by "we" I mean Marcus, is laying down wood floors in the guest room. This summer the AC leaked and flooded it. So instead of replacing the carpet, we are putting down the wood that's in the rest of our house.

That's the plywood sub floor

And here is Marcus laying down the planks. He nails them in, so they look like old floors.
My dad helped all day today too, but I didn't get a picture of him. He was probably entertaining Katie at this moment.

And this is the nook in that bedroom that USED to hold the AC unit. Now it's in the attic. So Marcus made a door to the bathroom.

That door was wall before:

Here is the bathroom it goes to.
This is when the wall was being cut out to make a door:

And here is the door. Exciting stuff huh?

I'm thankful to have a handy husband and father!

So the plan now is to move our stuff into the guest room and make it the master bedroom. It is twice the size of our tiny room. So we are flipping everything upside down and all around.
It's a mess around here!

I have one week to get it all done, because we are having the 9th grade girls over next Saturday for a party. I know they totally care if my house is put together! They might not, but I do! I am just ready to be settled and not major projects going all the time.

I have only myself to blame!



Our house is turned upside down right now as we are working on a major project. So not much time for blogging these days.

But there are things I don't want to forget:

On Friday night we went to Marcus's high school's football game. He and his team mates got to go on the field during half time. They won the State Championship in '92. I think they were there to try to motivate the team to do it again. It hasn't been done since '92!

The students weren't even born in '92, so they probably thought these guys were REALLY OLD!
Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Since it was Columbus Day we could all get together for lunch!

Right when we walked in the restaurant Katie squealed, "PUPPY!"

It was a giant bear with fangs. She kissed him and loved him anyway.

She also loved this tiny hamburger!

So cute!

Happy Birthday Grampy! We love you!

And it was like my birthday this weekend, because I got a new car!!

Well, a new to me car. It's a little old.

I love it.
We have been needing a new one for a while, because mine didn't have rear vents. That was no good for Katie.

I found out the hard way that it has seat heaters too. My hiney was on fire and Marcus insisted that it didn't have seat heaters that it was just me! I was worried. Thankfully it DOES have seat heaters...that can be turned off.

And Katie has been going to bed for about 20 minutes at night and then waking up and wanting to party. I am not sure how we got in this habit?

So the other night, instead of being frustrated, I took pictures!

And I gave her a cigarette to calm her nerves.
It's a straw.

I know that you know it's a straw, but my mom was about to call me and yell at me for giving her a cigarette!

I will go take pics of our new house project now and report back soon.


Fall and a Baby Byrd

It's still a little toasty around these parts, but it was time to put the fall decor out anyway.

I filled mason jars with candy corn and put candles in them. It's a shame that candy corn won't get eaten! I found the polka dot candles at Hobby Lobby. I have a thing for polka dots. They make me happy!

I painted my hallway a lighter apple green. Now it's not so glowy!

And our tv is on our mantle, because really that is the only place for it. I REALLY miss decorating my mantle though. So I decorate the inside of the fireplace now. When it gets chilly those decorations will be replaced with fire!

And this black cabinet recently came to the living room from the kitchen. It had to make room for the pink mantle. I think I will paint it white or white-ish. The black on the brown is too dark for me.

And in this sitting room/office, I just have 2 pie pumpkins sitting on candle holders.

Every time I go to Walmart a pumpkin comes home with me. I go to Walmart often!

On Tuesday night I had the privilege of hosting a sip and see for Debbie and her 4th baby, Adler Jameson.

This is Debbie with her 2nd baby:

And here is Anna hogging the brand new baby:

Debbie's last name is Byrd, so we went with a bird theme.

She and I met through our blogs when she lived in Florida. Now she lives here and we go to church together. Crazy, huh?!

It was fun to have a house full of girls. Before Katie, I always hosted baby showers and Bible studies, etc. It's a little harder with a baby around. Although, she is turning into quite the night owl, so we might be able to start partying around here again!

Not sure why everything looks so yellowish. Maybe it's because I have every candle in the house lit? The house was practically on fire.

Now I am gearing for a fallish weekend.
A Football game and the pumpkin patch!