Fall and a Baby Byrd

It's still a little toasty around these parts, but it was time to put the fall decor out anyway.

I filled mason jars with candy corn and put candles in them. It's a shame that candy corn won't get eaten! I found the polka dot candles at Hobby Lobby. I have a thing for polka dots. They make me happy!

I painted my hallway a lighter apple green. Now it's not so glowy!

And our tv is on our mantle, because really that is the only place for it. I REALLY miss decorating my mantle though. So I decorate the inside of the fireplace now. When it gets chilly those decorations will be replaced with fire!

And this black cabinet recently came to the living room from the kitchen. It had to make room for the pink mantle. I think I will paint it white or white-ish. The black on the brown is too dark for me.

And in this sitting room/office, I just have 2 pie pumpkins sitting on candle holders.

Every time I go to Walmart a pumpkin comes home with me. I go to Walmart often!

On Tuesday night I had the privilege of hosting a sip and see for Debbie and her 4th baby, Adler Jameson.

This is Debbie with her 2nd baby:

And here is Anna hogging the brand new baby:

Debbie's last name is Byrd, so we went with a bird theme.

She and I met through our blogs when she lived in Florida. Now she lives here and we go to church together. Crazy, huh?!

It was fun to have a house full of girls. Before Katie, I always hosted baby showers and Bible studies, etc. It's a little harder with a baby around. Although, she is turning into quite the night owl, so we might be able to start partying around here again!

Not sure why everything looks so yellowish. Maybe it's because I have every candle in the house lit? The house was practically on fire.

Now I am gearing for a fallish weekend.
A Football game and the pumpkin patch!


Mallorie said...

Love your decorations! :-) I know my mom was fed up with the hot weather and put up her fall decor despite the outside temperatures! ;-)

michaelandmagen said...

Love following your blog and all your cute decorations!!!

www.johnniesjunk.blogspot.com said...

Dina, How does the t.v above the mantel work out? Are you worried about the heat or smoke ruining the t.v. in the winter? I see that a lot of people do this but my hubby is like NO. I'm a Florida girl and just moved into a home with a fireplace and the t.v. only seems like it will work above our mantel. Did you have any hesitations or suggestions? Also, how do you hang so many delicious things on your shutters? I am guessing you hang your shutters backwards but what do you use to get everything to stay from plates to lights to sconces. You are the shutter hanging queen! Any suggestions? I need to fill my bare shutters!

Lee said...

Hi Dina, I think I know which game you will be watching this weekend.The same one I am. GO TECH!!!
Love your blog.
Lee in Lubbock

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Hey Dina! Did you paint the inside of your fireplace? Mine is similar to yours and it is wood burning. I want to paint it so I can decorate it inside but be able to burn wood when it gets cold. Did you use a special high heat paint? Thanks! Love the decorations!!!

Christine said...

Hi! Where did you get the large iron pumpkin (in the first picture, which the smaller pumpkins in it)?? Love love your holiday decorations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina - I do not think I have commented in a while. Loving your decorations as always.
Not sure if you would remember me. I am pretty sure I have posted here before. My husband is a fireman in Iraq. But only for 3 more weeks!!! He has been there for over 2 years. He almost got a job in Texas before he left. But not being a paramedic put him lower on the list. We live about 1+ hour west of Chicago. He will have 1 month of paramedic school to finish when he comes home but will then be looking for a job. Our first choice is to stay here but if he cant find something soon. Texas would be our first choice. DFW area, actually. So I may be calling on you for some advice on places if that is the case :)
Anyways, hope all is well.
~ Raelyn

Staci said...

Your house feels homey even through a computer screen! Jealous!! Love the decorations, as always. Still waiting on my decorating consult!!

Angie said...

I read your blog all the time, but I don't know if I have ever left you a comment or not. I have to tell you that I absolutely love your home and your decorating style. You are very talented!