Our house is turned upside down right now as we are working on a major project. So not much time for blogging these days.

But there are things I don't want to forget:

On Friday night we went to Marcus's high school's football game. He and his team mates got to go on the field during half time. They won the State Championship in '92. I think they were there to try to motivate the team to do it again. It hasn't been done since '92!

The students weren't even born in '92, so they probably thought these guys were REALLY OLD!
Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Since it was Columbus Day we could all get together for lunch!

Right when we walked in the restaurant Katie squealed, "PUPPY!"

It was a giant bear with fangs. She kissed him and loved him anyway.

She also loved this tiny hamburger!

So cute!

Happy Birthday Grampy! We love you!

And it was like my birthday this weekend, because I got a new car!!

Well, a new to me car. It's a little old.

I love it.
We have been needing a new one for a while, because mine didn't have rear vents. That was no good for Katie.

I found out the hard way that it has seat heaters too. My hiney was on fire and Marcus insisted that it didn't have seat heaters that it was just me! I was worried. Thankfully it DOES have seat heaters...that can be turned off.

And Katie has been going to bed for about 20 minutes at night and then waking up and wanting to party. I am not sure how we got in this habit?

So the other night, instead of being frustrated, I took pictures!

And I gave her a cigarette to calm her nerves.
It's a straw.

I know that you know it's a straw, but my mom was about to call me and yell at me for giving her a cigarette!

I will go take pics of our new house project now and report back soon.


kimert said...

This post totally made me laugh.. .I think it was the cigarette. She is just adorable! Yay for a new car. I'm envious. I would totally love seat warmers!

Frugal Jen said...

You are hilarious!!! What a great new car! Lots of fun around your house.

What is up with the nap then party time? Caroline is doing the same thing at night.

Taylin said...

Love the new car!!! You made me almost spit my drink out with the seat heater part. You are too funny!

Michele said...

I'm all about for whatever works when your sweet little muffin doesn't want to sleep...just kiddin!

Can't wait to see what your doing around your house...:)

Hayley said...

I can always count on your posts to make me laugh :) I bet you were concerned when you thought you didn't have seat warmers...!!!

Miss G said...

I want me a car with seat warmers! I think I'll add that to my wishlist. congrats on your new car kelly

donna said...

Uh, just so y'all know I do know the difference between a straw and a cigarette. When do we get to organize your closets Dina?