The Project

This is my dining room right now:

Pretty huh?
Then entire contents of my guest bedroom is in there. And the entire contents of the guest bedroom's messy closets are in the dining room too.

We, and by "we" I mean Marcus, is laying down wood floors in the guest room. This summer the AC leaked and flooded it. So instead of replacing the carpet, we are putting down the wood that's in the rest of our house.

That's the plywood sub floor

And here is Marcus laying down the planks. He nails them in, so they look like old floors.
My dad helped all day today too, but I didn't get a picture of him. He was probably entertaining Katie at this moment.

And this is the nook in that bedroom that USED to hold the AC unit. Now it's in the attic. So Marcus made a door to the bathroom.

That door was wall before:

Here is the bathroom it goes to.
This is when the wall was being cut out to make a door:

And here is the door. Exciting stuff huh?

I'm thankful to have a handy husband and father!

So the plan now is to move our stuff into the guest room and make it the master bedroom. It is twice the size of our tiny room. So we are flipping everything upside down and all around.
It's a mess around here!

I have one week to get it all done, because we are having the 9th grade girls over next Saturday for a party. I know they totally care if my house is put together! They might not, but I do! I am just ready to be settled and not major projects going all the time.

I have only myself to blame!


Mallorie said...

LOVE the progress so far! I'm like you...I know people could care less if my house is "ready" or put together, but I DO! HA! No one else seems to get that! Glad you do! :-) Can't wait to see the finished product!

The Magnolia House said...

Dina, If anyone can make an amazing transformation it's you and your husband. He is pretty talented to. I bet you have every housewife you know that would like to borrow him for a few hours. I love, love the floors. Are you going to leave the floor the way that it is or are you going to put anything over the plywood? So you laid and nailed play wood planks down to make a weathered floor? I'm confused but it looks great! Hope you get it all done soon. Can't wait to see.

O Mom said...

I love your projects! Wish we were neighbors so you could come do projects at my house!

Jackie said...

I love it. It all looks like it is coming together nicely for you. I am sure it will all come together in time for you. How lucky to have such talented people to work with on your projects.

Michele said...

Hi Dina! Project is looking good! Can't wait to see the finish! I always tell my husband he is the better part of "we"! My friends tease me when I say that "we" did something around the house they know I really mean Jim! :) Our husbands both do the handy fix it work and you and I do the decorating part...I like that system! Michele

Erin K said...

Having a handy guy is pretty handy for projects. Can't wait to see it all pretty and "Dina-fied"!