Pardon The Pumpkins

Right now this buffet (or whatever it is) is not filled with pumpkins and fall decor. It is all "Christmassed" out.

BUT, I took these pics a couple of weeks ago to showcase all the painting that has gone on up in here. Then after I took the pics, I was on my death bed, and couldn't muster the energy to post them. I know, I have a tough life.

This thing was black and now it's a light gray.
The black was too dark against the chocolate walls. I wanted things brighter!

I already showed you this trunk, but I am showing it again, because it makes the list of painted things longer!

This was Marcus's grandmother's hutch. It was black too, now white.

And ignore the sand and water table that has neither sand nor water:

This house has no storage, so it's nice to have dressers, hutches, trunks and buffets to store all my crapola!

I also got a cute new light from IKEA for over my kitchen sink.

The sunlight made it hard to get a good picture. Dang sun!

I think it was only $29. I think that's a bargain.

Another new thing around here is that Katie has grown attached to her pacifier! How did that happen at 16 months old?

I hesitate to post this picture, because of the mismatched PJs, but here goes:

Anyway, the wubanub and blankie always just stayed in her crib and she would use them when she slept. A couple of weeks ago, she reached in her bed and got them out during the day. Now she asks for them every day...and I hand them over. And since I am already confessing, I am just going to go ahead and tell you that I still give her a bottle of milk before her nap and bedtime too!
I think if I had Katie at 26 instead of 36, I might have been more uptight on all the "rules" and "supposed to's", but I have learned something important in the last 10 years...it doesn't matter! The only thing that I care about is that Katie gets into Heaven and helps others get there too. She might have buck teeth in Heaven, but that's OK!

I also want to go on a tangent about that Dora scooter that she loves, but I won't. I'll just say that Dora BUGS!


Let The Merriment Begin

Last year after Christmas was all over, I felt like I missed out on all the holidayness that I usually love so much. I felt like I was way too busy, rushed and overwhelmed. I did have a 4-5 month old at the time. Maybe that had something to do with it?

Anyway, this year I am determined to enjoy this holiday season! Even if it kills me!

So today, the day after Thanksgiving and the official beginning of Christmas time, was a FUN day!

Marcus put lights on the house!

Santa's hanging out on the door!

And he's hanging out in the house too!

And this afternoon I saw the new Muppet movie with my parents and niece and nephew.
It was really cute and I loved all the music.

Then tonight we went to the Parade of Lights in downtown Ft. Worth.

There were about 100 floats and they were all lit up! It was great!

Katie loved it!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

My mom with Morgan and Ryan:

Kids make Christmas more fun!

So today, the house didn't get cleaned, I have laundry to fold, the dishwasher needs to get emptied, I have more Christmas decorating to do, and groceries to buy.
That's OK, it can get done tomorrow...or not.

Today I chose to enjoy the Holidayness and I am glad I did!