You Might Be a Redneck if...

Have you seen these cute Mason jars on candle sticks?
They are called redneck wine glasses.

Instead of drinking wine out of them, I used them for my Anniversary roses.

I saw these in Canton (a fabulous East TX flea market) for $14 each. That is just ridiculous. Rednecks don't pay that much for wine glasses! My plan was to make them, but I saw them at a craft fair for way cheaper. So I snatched them up.

I will use them for candle holders too. Or for wine, if I am feeling redneckish!

I needed to include these two pictures from last night, because I don't want to forget:

Something about Katie walking around in that poodle skirt made me want to just eat her up!

And she was pooped at the end of the night and just laid right down on the not so soft floors.

I found something she loves as much as sugar...Pasta!

She is 1/4 Italian after all!

Yeah for pasta!

Is anyone else upset about Kim and Kris divorcing? I totally am not surprised after seeing their wedding special and how they pretty much hated each other. I am sad though. At least TRY to make it work. It kind of gives the covenant of marriage a bad name.
That's what makes me sad.


best pre workout supplement 2012 said...

I love to watch your daughters picture while eating pasta, she really love to eat that kind of food cheers I really love pasta too :)

Fabiola said...

Dina, Katie is the cutest. I do hope Heloisa can be as cute as she is ; )
And I do hope Heloisa loves pasta, she will be 75% Italian ; )

I love you bedroom. I wish I have money to buy you a ticket, so you could come down and help me decorate.

Rae said...

I too am very upset that Kim is not trying to work her marriage out. Making vows to God should not be taken lightly. I feel too many people do.
I keep thinking about how she loves Elizabeth Taylor. Well, Kim you are heading down the same path. 2 "marriages" down.

kimert said...

Love those redneck wine glasses/candle holders! Way too cute. Saw a tutorial on Etsy but I vowed to not collect anymore crafting supplies for things I've pinned until I actually make something. lol

The KarWho??? yeah. Don't give a flip about that and honestly am sick of it being all over the news, net, and everything in between.

The Howell's said...

Oh how I miss Canton. Before I moved away from Texas, we'd go to canton almost every weekend. NWA needs something like canton, for sure.

BTW, love Katie in her Tech bib. :)

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

My sister and her new hubby had those "redneck wineglasses" at their rehearsal dinner. It was an outdoor, rustic kind of thing. Too funny! It is a shame about Kim and Kris. What on earth can change in 72 days?

Twinkle Terrior said...

Oh how cute! We are all Italian and pasta is a staple at our table even though the kids are older than Katie, they are used to it but we do whole wheat pasta now:) Kim Kardashian...I'm going to DVR Wendy Williams next week b/c her Mom is supposed to go on the show to talk about the divorce. WOW- Have a good one... :)

Erin K said...

Love the pic of her exhausted on the floor! Hilarious!

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