Katie Belle is 17 months old!
Yesterday was her actual 17 month birthday, but I was too busy posting my Christmas tour. Priorities people.

This is Katie's newest pose.

She cocks her head to the side and smiles. She does this about 50 times a day.
She cracks me up!

I know she's my kid, so you might not believe me, but Katie is the sweetest thing ever!
She wants to hug everything.

Blue is not this blurry in real life.

She hugs my arm when I am trying to change her diaper, she hugs me when I am dressing her, she comes up and hugs my legs. If I am wearing my boots with fur, she hugs them! Katie hugs her Teddy Grahams, and pats them and says awwww.
I hope she is always this affectionate...maybe not with the Teddy Grahams though, that might be embarrassing in Jr. High!

at the park on Tuesday with her daddy:

This is Katie a year ago, she's the baby under the bow:

Coincidentally, she's wearing a I heart Santa top in both pictures!

Everyone told me how fast it goes by and to enjoy her. Thankfully, I believed "everyone" and I am soaking it all in. I appreciate everyday with her.

Katie, you are a joy and a blessing!
We love you tons!


Jennifer said...

She is darling! And I love that shirt she has on on the slide. I am slightly obsessed with red and turquoise right now.

Michele said...

too darling your sweet Katie! I'm with you on priorities...teehee! My 16 year daughter just reminded that I've done more posts lately about my Christmas decs {which btw I just did another one on SHINY BRITE ornaments} than I've done of her or her sister! Gotta love it!!!

Kelly said...

That is so cute that she hugs everything!

And I absolutely love the snowman in the last picture!