Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas...

and we were getting ready to pig out on lasagna and pasta!

That's our traditional Italian Christmas meal at my mom's house.

We all head to my parents' house after church to eat and open presents!

My niece and nephew. Morgan and Ryan.

Ryan, Uncle Darren(my sister's husband) and Grampy (my dad)

Our family of 3:

Grandparents and grand kids:

Katie had a tarp under her chair. Smart!

That girl loves pasta!

We all got scratch off tickets as our place card. I won $4. I'm rich!

Katie's first gift was a scarf crocheted by her Nonni!

She always puts mine on, so she needed her own.

Playing peekaboo with Grampy:

Then it was time to get in our PJs and start opening the embarrassing amount of gifts!
Katie had me worried a little bit when she laid down:

She was just trying to preserve her energy for all the presents.

She got a Snoopy from Aunt Carol! He has a fire man outfit and a Red Barron outfit too! She loved him!


Aunt Kelly (my sister) and Katie

Look at the cute tags my dad made for my mom's gifts.

His face made into a Santa.
He's super creative!

Katie hit the jackpot and we still haven't even officially made it to Christmas yet!

After we got home Marcus had to put together Katie's car.
We are such rookies doing it on Christmas Eve!

Really, he was doing it. I was eating fudge and watching Elf as I cheered him on!

This is what Katie has waiting for her in the morning!

I can't wait!


Michele said...

Dina...do you still make & sell your beautiful cross necklaces?????

Erin K said...

Your dad is so crafty! Maybe he should come to craft night too? Beautiful pics of a beautiful family! Makes me wish my family was Italian so we could have pasta for Christmas dinner.