A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, are NOT a few of my favorite things.

BUT some of my favorite things include Christmas, Santa, bright red, and most especially Coke!

So of course I LOVE when Coke comes out with their super cute and special Christmas cans with a Jolly Santa on them.

Not this year though, they are WHITE with polar bears on them. HUH? I know they are trying to be all environmental and save the stinkin' polar bear, but maybe can we focus on that in January? Where is my beloved Santa?

The new can vs. the beautiful old Christmas can

Other people complained too so some changes are coming next week.
The new can is on the left and the even newer can is on the right, because people said the white can looked like Diet Coke and it was too confusing.

I still see those dang polar bears on the new red can though.
I suppose polar bears are going to bring us our presents on Christmas eve?
I don't think so.
If they were invited into your home, they would tear it apart, eat your kids, and poo on your carpet.

Coke, I will still drink your delicious syrupy goodness, but it will not taste near as good. You kind of ruined Christmas!


Staci said...

You're hilarious. I agree, though. I almost fainted when I saw the white can. Over my dead (though probably much thinner) body was I gonna drink diet! And I miss jolly old st nick on the can. Maybe next year he will trump the polar bears.

Anonymous said...

I think it stinks too! I have been looking around to see Santa back on the cans for 2012.... No luck. Like last Christmas I think he's only going to be spotted on the glass bottles. Boooooooo!!!!