Merry Christmas!

Christmas is so much fun with a kid!
I couldn't wait to give Katie her presents!
We had to wake her up at 8:30, because we had to be at Marcus's brother's house for breakfast.

We had everything sitting out for her and she couldn't believe her eyes!

So fun!

She played with everything immediately:

Marcus and I got the bear, train puzzle and cash register when we were together.
Then we each picked out a gift on our own. He got the shopping cart and I got the car.
They are both winners!

And yes, that is Homer Simpson on Marcus's feet, circa 1999, I believe.

We had to pull Katie away from her toys to go to her Uncle Davey and Aunt Sisi's house for breakfast....and more presents!

Poppa put Katie on the pool table:

We always have a Birthday Cake for Jesus and sing Happy Birthday.

The cousins. Jennifer, Melissa, Katie and Jeddy.

Opening a present with her Annie:

Katie got a Kitchen from Uncle Davey and Aunt Sisi:

It is the cutest thing and it fits perfect in our kitchen. So now Katie can help me cook!

Me and Lisa:

Aunt Pam and Katie:

The gang:

By noon, it was definitely nap time!

Tonight my parents came over for dinner.
Marcus made steak, twice baked potatoes, green beans and salad. It was one of the best meals I have ever had!

My mom brought cheesecake:

Here's Katie modeling her scarf and my sunglasses:

It was a great Christmas.
I am so thankful Marcus was off Christmas Eve and Day. That is just how his schedule worked out this year. When you are fire fighter you miss a lot of holidays.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.
We are so grateful Jesus was born!


Staci said...

I didn't see what you got for Christmas! I live seeing everyone's gifts and I'll bet you got some stuff I'll be appropriately jealous of! Post it girl!

And my hubby has thpar EXACT slippers! He still wears them. They used to scare Olivia!

Staci said...

Can you say, "Typos"? Yikes.

Holly said...

What a fun Christmas!

emily said...

LOVE love love her kitchen! So cute!!

Glad y'all had a nice Christmas!

Susan Brown Holland said...

Love Katie's kitchen!!! Too cute! Looks like she got some really fun things!

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with a cake is such a sweet idea!!! My little girl got close to the same kitchen for Christmas {with a few more features on it} - perfect to keep them busy ; ) New to your blog...adorable family you have : )

Fabiola said...

Dina!!! I love reading your Christmas memories. Katie Belle is getting so big and cute. I can imagine how much she will love Christmas, as it seems she is taking after you : )

Happy 2012!!

Erin K said...

I couldn't agree more....having a kid during Christmas time is so much fun. Sophia got that same shopping cart last Christmas and still loves it! In fact, there are times when she resembles a bag lady, with her wild hair, mismatched clothes and excessive amounts of hair accessories. :) Merry Christmas!
P.S. Wouldn't it be great if adults could pull off wearing those cute footy pj's that Katie is totally cute in.

A Boy, His Girls & A Big Dog said...

We have an older version of Katie's new kitchen and our girls LOVE it. I believe we are its 3rd home and its in amazing condition still. I hope she loves it.