Tonight I went to the Golightly's employee party.
It's my favorite Christmas party to go to.
I have a space at Golightly's where I sell things, but I also do their blog, so that makes me an employee too. Yay for me!

We went and had yummy Mexican food and then went to Janet's for a gift exchange. We had so much fun and laughed a lot!

Lucky for you I sneaked some pics of Janet's beautiful house for you.

You're Welcome!

Thanks Janet for a fun time!

Last night we had the 9th graders over for a Christmas party too.
They were all so sweet and lots of fun!

We played Christmas song pictionary.
The girls kicked the guy's butts, of course!
( you are probably not supposed to say butt if you are a Sunday School teacher, huh?)

It's fun being a party animal!

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Rae said...

If I ever moved to Texas, I would be so intimidated to let anyone in my home. Seeing all the pictures of your home and all of your family and friends homes, you all decorate so well!