Why Come?

I need an expert blogger to answer this:

The last 2 times I updated my blog, it did not show that I updated it, AND each blog post was on it's own page. Why? What have I done?

This post and This one are in their own land. What's up with that?

And while you're at it, Why did God make sugar so delicious if it's bad for us? And please, nobody say the word "moderation"!

Mainly I need to know about the blog thing...

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Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Dina, I first would have guessed because your next older post was too long to fit on the same page as the one before it, but I looked and it doesn't seem to be the case...

Your "coke" post follows right after your "why come" post on the same page, but then the "katie belle" post is by itself. My guess is that Blogger is dumb sometimes and does weird things. When you go to your "edit html" tab, does it show any funny spaces or paragraphs?