You don't need reindeer when you have a helicopter!

Katie and I went with my mom to her old school to see Santa today!
My niece and nephew go there too, so it was fun to see them.

He flies in on a helicopter along with some elves, Rudolph and of course, his wife.

Frosty was there first to get the crowd warmed up:

Katie liked Rudolph, the puppy. This little elf snatched her up, so I got a picture.

Then we saw Mrs. Claus:

and SANTA! This is Santa with my nephew's teacher:

And here's my mom is yelling at Santa:

I am sure she is saying something kind. He was moving too fast for me to get Katie in the picture too.

It was lots of fun and pretty exciting. I know there are lots of debates out there whether to do Santa with your kids or not, or just to keep Christmas about Jesus. Since Katie is here I have thought about it a lot. Trying to decide what's best for our family...and just ours.

Our main focus is the birth of Jesus, but really that is our main focus all the other 364 days too. His birth, death, and resurrection. I don't think Katie will ever wonder what Christmas is really about. Even if we do allow Santa to be in our lives a few days in December!

I had to get a picture of Katie's cute Snoopy Christmas shirt.
I have a thing for Snoopy. I just think he is the cutest thing ever.

And I think she's the cutest thing ever.

I realized as she was eating, the shirt was going to have to come off after lunch. It got a little peanut buttery!

Katie loves apples. Today I put a little bit of peanut butter on them and she was in heaven!

Have a good weekend!


Erin K said...

Seeing the excitement on all those kids faces when they see Santa fly in is priceless. Glad y'all got to come!And yes!!! She's the cutest thing ever!

Erin K said...

Okay, blogger is making me mad! I'm trying to read your latest post but once I click on your post, it goes back to dashboard. Weird!

Michele said...

Dina...thanks for your words about Santa because I feel the exact same way. I love you stated that. Hope you don't mind if I steal your thoughts on that for my blog...?