You Say It's Your Birthday...

We have been birthday partying fools around here!
Lots of our favorite people were born in December!

Saturday we went to "the farm" to celebrate Hayden's 4th birthday! He is my dear friend, Anna's, son.

Katie had a blast at the farm and rode on all their toys:

This is Anna.
I told her to cheese it up for the camera. It was difficult for her, because she is so shy.

That is the amazing cake that she is posing with. And that is her mother in law behind her, who happens to own the farm, along with her husband, and is always so generous to let everyone and anyone stay there.

Here is the birthday boy:

He's a little silly, like his mommy!

Down here he's hauling rocks and Katie is hauling butt to go catch that poor dog:

This is Anna explaining to the kids that a Pirate had been at the farm and left treasures in several spots. So of course we had to go on a treasure hunt. It was so fun and creative.

Katie kept up with the big kids and had so much fun. She was asleep after 3 minutes in the car.

This weekend we also celebrated our niece, Morgan's, 11th birthday!
We went to the mall because she wanted to make a Smurfette Build a Bear.

We had a great time!

While we were at the mall, we stopped in a fun, and slightly inappropriate, candy store.
Look at the GIANT nerds and sweet tarts.

I am pretty sure this is what Heaven will look like. And when you are in Heaven, sugar makes you skinny, erases zits and wrinkles, and will give your hair a silky shiny glow.
Can't wait!

We let Ryan, Morgan's brother and our nephew, come along too.
Katie loved hanging out with them!

My sister had a Smurf party for Morgan at the house!

That's my mom holding Katie, making her laugh/cry face.

Oops, I think Katie had too much Smurf punch at the party!

Last weekend was my sister-in-law, Pam's birthday. Here she is posing with my niece Melissa, who is the amazing cake decorator.

And next weekend, we get to celebrate our favorite twins' 2nd birthday! Then after that, of course, it will be Jesus' birthday! Woo Hoo!

We have been embracing the Christmasness around here!
We have looked at Christmas lights several times now.

Katie can actually appreciate a pretty Christmas display. She really thinks they are all pretty. She squeals, "Santa" or "Snowman" every time she sees them. And "puppy!" every time she sees a reindeer. Then we hear lots of barking from the back seat.

This is what Katie looked like last year:

And really this is how I still picture her!
I am surprised every time I get her out of her crib in the morning, because she is so stinkin' big! It's a little sad.

At least she sleeps through the night now!
That makes me happy!


kimert said...

That is a lot of birthday celebrating! WOw! What fun. Katie is too cute. I love her boots!!

Kristen and Sebastian said...

Adorable pics! Where did you find that precious blanket your little girl has in her car seat? I love would to have one for my little girl.

Keri C said...

We have been to that candy store and were in complete SHOCK at all the HUGE candies!! Love all the pics:)

Erin K said...

Wow! Katie has grown so much! Bittersweet for sure! But personally, I'll take the extra sleep....if only I could freeze Sophia at 3. :)
Boy have y'all been partying! Happy birthday sweet Morgan!