The Barf Seat

Let's first talk about something that is pretty and positive.

I added crystals to my ribbon lamp and painted the base recently.

It's one of the things I accomplished when Katie was at school one day.
I realize it's not the best use of my "kid free" time, but my creative juices flow when I have the house to myself.

Today was a school day, but unfortunately Katie couldn't go because she was still sick.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the advice I got from my last post. I bought the things you recommended, so thanks.
I love this community of friends!

So this morning Katie woke up at 5 am, burning hot with a fever. Some medicine brought it down and she went back to sleep at 7. She was doing better when she woke up and I was thankful.

THEN! We were in the car going for a drive to get out and not go insane. Katie had a coughing fit and it made her throw up.

It took every maternal instinct inside of me to unclick the barf covered car seat buttons and get her out. I stripped her in the garage and put her in the tub.

So then I figured it was time to visit the doctor. I couldn't put Katie back in her barf seat, so she had to ride in her baby carrier!

Don't tell her friends, because she would be embarrassed!

Or she might be embarrassed that I brought her in public with puppy PJs on?

The Doctor gave her a breathing treatment in the office to help with the coughing. The real issue is her nose is so stuffed she can't breath and she has drainage. So the Dr. agreed the treatment wouldn't improve her breathing that much.

So it was a very long day. And after I put Katie to bed, she had a coughing fit and barfed AGAIN! And I am the genius that has 1 set of sheets for the crib! I always meant to get an ultimate crib sheet, but it never happened.

SO, as the sheets washed and dried, Katie and I watched The Wonder Pets and The Fresh Beat Band. And we both partook in some chocolate chips. You know when you just NEED some chocolate? Well, I needed some tonight and the ONLY thing we had was chocolate chips. I will admit I had a handful or two.

I am praying Katie has a good night tonight. It is heartbreaking to watch her suffer. And I am also thanking God for her health, because honestly, this is just a bad cold. I can't imagine the pain of mothers who have seriously ill children.

I wish I could give them all a truck load of chocolate chips!



Yesterday was a sad day in our household. It was the first day of Katie's life that she didn't take a nap. AND on SUNDAY! We all take a nap on Sunday!

The poor girl is so stuffed up that she couldn't breathe or get comfortable laying down.

So we gave up and went to my parent's house for a visit.
Katie tried on her Nonni's glasses:

Here you can see her sleepy, glassy, sick eyes:

And then she climbed on their ottoman and slid off about 1 million times!

Ooh look, maybe she's thinking about napping?!

No luck!

My mom had surgery on her fingers Friday:

She's giving you the finger there. I wasn't allowed to capture her face.

Anywhoo, the no sleep streak continued last night. This was at about 2:00 am or so:

We did saline spray, the nose sucker, sat in my bathroom with the shower going to steam it up, a little bit of benadryl, honey for the coughing, a couple warm baths, the humidifier, and lots of praying!

Katie finally slept from about 4:00 am to 9:00 am. Thankfully she has been as happy as she can be, and has not been fussy at all. I know she is so tired though. And I know that I am so tired too!

So, now I am asking YOU. What else can we do for a stuffy nose and cough? I trust you more than Google or Web MD. Don't let me down people!


Pigs and Stripes

The paint is dry and everything is hung back up after my stripe painting.

I also painted the shutters white-ish and then I painted 2 frames I had turquoise, and then had mirrors put in them.

This is the before picture:

And the after again with no flash and no sunlight. So it's kind of glowey.

I painted the shutters white, so they would go with the window more, and make it not so choppy looking. But then I like the color of the turquoise with my red couch, so I made the mirrors turquoise. Make sense?

The shutters show up better in real life. In the pictures they kind of blend with the wall. I guess you'll have to come over and see.
Today Marcus was outside doing some work and told Katie to throw on her overalls and join him. Well, we just happened to have overalls that were a hand me down from my niece! They are just 11 years old!

I thought I would try some pig tails this morning to go with her ensemble:

We are lucky Katie is still alive, because I just wanted to eat her up with the those pig tails!

And here are some stripes again, just in case you forgot!

I would like to put something turquoise on the coffee table that is toddler friendly. Any ideas?

Have a lovely weekend!


I Couldn't Wait!

I just painted some stripes in my sitting room and I had to share!
Marcus is already asleep and I had to show someone.

I just pulled the tape off. That's my favorite part.
The project just took about 2 hours and it was free, because I had the paint and tape already.

I can't wait to hang everything back up.
I am going to be patient and let the wall dry first.

Here are some other cute stripes:

Katie put my headband on the other night and I thought she looked so chic.

I had to chase her around because she was busy!

I guess she had somewhere to go. At least she looked cute.

OK, I still need to go clean up my paint mess.
I have my priorities straight; blog first then clean up!


HB to my MIL!

Yesterday was my Mother in Law's birthday!
We celebrated at Marcus's sister's house:

Katie loves a good party.
I think that she might think that all birthday parties are for her?!

Katie and her "Annie" have a special love for each other. My mother in law is so sweet to watch Katie about once a week and they have the best time together.

My 12 year old niece, Melissa, once again, made an awesome cake!

I got portraits done for My MIL's birthday, because she is always wanting professional pics of Katie.

I loved this picture, but HATED the background. Thankfully they printed it in black and white for me.

And I got the CD, so lots of these I didn't get printed, but thought were cute:

They had a stuffed pig to get a smile out of Katie, but I guess they hadn't heard of her love of soft fluffy things. It was hard to get it out of her grip!

I'm a little jealous of her lashes:

And yes, she is looking at the pig in both of these pictures!

Katie's Annie was thrilled so that's all that matters!

I am blessed to have such sweet in laws!


Christmas In January

I go to bed way too late. I am a night owl. I think I feel a little bit of freedom at night, because Katie's asleep and I can do whatever I want...quietly.

The sad part about staying up late is having to get up in the morning. I regret it every single sleepy day! EXCEPT for today!

You see I have been trying to get this necklace from www.Allorahandmade.com for a really long time.
I even put it on my Christmas list, but I guess I wasn't good enough last year! So I was just going to get it for myself, but it kept being sold out!

They update the website every Monday with ready to ship items. I haven't been quick enough to get this turquoise necklace. Well, it just so happens if you check their website at 1:00 am Monday morning, you can beat all those people snoozing and snatch up whatever is in stock!
If you snooze you lose.

I am sure you snoozers were bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning, BUT I am the proud owner of a modern pearl turquoise
necklace. Or at least I will be when it gets here in a few days!

I just wanted to share the cuteness with you. They have lots of other accessories too. And you don't have to shop in the middle of the night if you don't want to!

Speaking of cuteness, this is my sister in law, Lisa:

She got an article published in Destiny In Bloom here.

It's a beautiful story of hope and encouragement, about waiting for a baby and God's love.

Happy Shopping and reading!



Katie Belle turned 18 months on Saturday!
That means it was her half birthday! And we celebrate half birthdays in this house!

Marcus's family was coming over for lunch after church on Sunday anyway, so I turned it into a little Half Birthday celebration.

Of course they didn't have a clue what they were walking into!

My sister in law, Pam, got me chalkboard markers for Christmas and I love them! They are so much brighter than chalk.

I got Katie's strawberry cake at a bakery and I added the chocolate covered strawberries.

This girl asked for cake about 103 times during lunch!

Then it was finally cake time, and we sang Happy Half Birthday to YOU!

I think she wanted to skip the song and get straight to the cake!

Katie loves her balloons and they have been a continued source of joy all week!

We love this kid!

Katie at 18 months:
weighs 24 lbs
31 inches tall
wears 18 to 24 months
size 4 diaper
4 or 5 shoe

Talks a ton!
I love when she says nuts instead of uh oh.
She says HI! and buh bye to everyone and everything

knows lots of letters
LOVES puppies like crazy
and hugs anything soft.

She likes to cuddle in the morning and watch cartoonths.

Loves music and to dance.

I say it every month, but she's a joy and a blessing!

This is Katie a year ago on her 6 month birthday:

Our days aren't always rainbows and butterflies.
Motherhood is a hard thankless job most days. I just think that waiting so long for a baby makes me REALLY appreciate her. And I just CHOOSE to celebrate her life.

Sometimes I CHOOSE to be a complaining, inpatient, whiny baby too,
but lets not focus on that! :)


Thanks Betty!

Today was a "I could use a cookie" kind of a day.
Katie has not been herself all week and this morning woke up with a fever. All 3 of us feel kind of blah. Cookies cure blah, if you didn't know!

Tonight I used the Betty Crocker Oatmeal cookie mix.
I always add a cup of chocolate chips to it. You can buy the mix with chocolate chips already in it, but for some reason, I think this way tastes better.

And, another tip I have for you is to use parchment paper under your cookies. They bake a lot better. I am sure there is some scientific reason behind it, but who really cares, right?

I used a melon baller to scoop my dough. It went a million times faster.

Look at all these tips I have for you!
That is rare. Usually, I am no good for any kind of educating purposes.

My cookies have been cooling while we speak, or write/read.
I am about to pour some milk and dig in.

I am praying we are all healthy tomorrow. Katie will have to stay home from Mother's Day out tomorrow since she had a fever today. So I am thinking tomorrow is going to be another "I need a cookie" day. I LOVE my kid, but I do love those little breaks too.
Can I get an Amen?!


I'm Still Surprised...

when I see a baby in my rear view mirror!

And she's mine!