Katie Belle turned 18 months on Saturday!
That means it was her half birthday! And we celebrate half birthdays in this house!

Marcus's family was coming over for lunch after church on Sunday anyway, so I turned it into a little Half Birthday celebration.

Of course they didn't have a clue what they were walking into!

My sister in law, Pam, got me chalkboard markers for Christmas and I love them! They are so much brighter than chalk.

I got Katie's strawberry cake at a bakery and I added the chocolate covered strawberries.

This girl asked for cake about 103 times during lunch!

Then it was finally cake time, and we sang Happy Half Birthday to YOU!

I think she wanted to skip the song and get straight to the cake!

Katie loves her balloons and they have been a continued source of joy all week!

We love this kid!

Katie at 18 months:
weighs 24 lbs
31 inches tall
wears 18 to 24 months
size 4 diaper
4 or 5 shoe

Talks a ton!
I love when she says nuts instead of uh oh.
She says HI! and buh bye to everyone and everything

knows lots of letters
LOVES puppies like crazy
and hugs anything soft.

She likes to cuddle in the morning and watch cartoonths.

Loves music and to dance.

I say it every month, but she's a joy and a blessing!

This is Katie a year ago on her 6 month birthday:

Our days aren't always rainbows and butterflies.
Motherhood is a hard thankless job most days. I just think that waiting so long for a baby makes me REALLY appreciate her. And I just CHOOSE to celebrate her life.

Sometimes I CHOOSE to be a complaining, inpatient, whiny baby too,
but lets not focus on that! :)


Angela said...

Happy Half Birthday to Katie! We celebrate our girls half birthday's too! Such a fun tradition! :)

Kimberley said...

what a fun day! she's such a doll!!! where would one find chalkboard markers?? how neat!

All That Glitters said...

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Katie!! She is just precious!

When I saw your floors in one of your pics that reminded me I wanted to ask you something. We are getting ready to put new flooring(hopefully wood) in and I was wondering what do y'all use? I know you are the Queen at flooring! Also, what is the best budget friendly way to go about it?

I would be so thankful for any help you could help me!

Take care,

kimert said...

Happy half birthday to Katie Belle!!

Brooklynn said...

So cute. What a special thing that is. She'll appreciate it as she grows up too! You're such a fun Mommy.

Erin said...

I love your blog. I've been reading since before you got pregnant with Katie and I have enjoyed watching her grow. She is a doll! I read your blog so much I almost feel like a distant aunt or something. Ha! Keep writing!

Brittany said...

happy 1/2 birthday sweet girl!!! i think Reid is bigger than you & several months younger, ha!

3LittleByrds said...

Happy,happy 18 months Katie Belle.

kathleen said...

What a sweet girl! Her face is so funny in the picture where she's mad and ready to eat cake! What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Of course she was crying, no girl likes to think about getting older. I feel her pain :).


Erin K said...

I'm digging this half birthday thing! Happy Half Birthday Katie! Sorry they made you wait so long for some cake. :)

Nicolle said...

Happy half birthday to your cute little girl! Stopping over from Staci's blog. Love your blog!

Megan said...

I'm a new follower of yours! LOVE that you celebrate 1/2 birthday because we do too!! :) (Why doesn't everyone?!) haha