The Barf Seat

Let's first talk about something that is pretty and positive.

I added crystals to my ribbon lamp and painted the base recently.

It's one of the things I accomplished when Katie was at school one day.
I realize it's not the best use of my "kid free" time, but my creative juices flow when I have the house to myself.

Today was a school day, but unfortunately Katie couldn't go because she was still sick.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the advice I got from my last post. I bought the things you recommended, so thanks.
I love this community of friends!

So this morning Katie woke up at 5 am, burning hot with a fever. Some medicine brought it down and she went back to sleep at 7. She was doing better when she woke up and I was thankful.

THEN! We were in the car going for a drive to get out and not go insane. Katie had a coughing fit and it made her throw up.

It took every maternal instinct inside of me to unclick the barf covered car seat buttons and get her out. I stripped her in the garage and put her in the tub.

So then I figured it was time to visit the doctor. I couldn't put Katie back in her barf seat, so she had to ride in her baby carrier!

Don't tell her friends, because she would be embarrassed!

Or she might be embarrassed that I brought her in public with puppy PJs on?

The Doctor gave her a breathing treatment in the office to help with the coughing. The real issue is her nose is so stuffed she can't breath and she has drainage. So the Dr. agreed the treatment wouldn't improve her breathing that much.

So it was a very long day. And after I put Katie to bed, she had a coughing fit and barfed AGAIN! And I am the genius that has 1 set of sheets for the crib! I always meant to get an ultimate crib sheet, but it never happened.

SO, as the sheets washed and dried, Katie and I watched The Wonder Pets and The Fresh Beat Band. And we both partook in some chocolate chips. You know when you just NEED some chocolate? Well, I needed some tonight and the ONLY thing we had was chocolate chips. I will admit I had a handful or two.

I am praying Katie has a good night tonight. It is heartbreaking to watch her suffer. And I am also thanking God for her health, because honestly, this is just a bad cold. I can't imagine the pain of mothers who have seriously ill children.

I wish I could give them all a truck load of chocolate chips!


Staci said...

Oh Poor girl and poor mama! I'm sure some recommended it, but the Baby Vicks Vapor rub really does help my girls. We do a little on the chest and a little on the bottoms of feet. A humidifier helps too. And for high fever you can alternate Tylenol and motrin every 3 hours to help her get some rest. Hope she's all better by tomorrow so you can go out and BUY SOME CRIB SHEETS! (I actually have a black and white Polka dot one we don't use if you want it! Kind of your style! And surprisingly, it was never barfed on!

Taylin said...

Poor Katie! I hope she feels better!! Throw up and car seats are a horrible mix! Good luck! When my daughter threw up in her car seat I took that as the perfect opportunity to throw out the old and move up to the booster. (She was old enough(ish) ;)

Erin K said...

Poor Katie!!!!! I hope she feels better soon and that Marcus takes care of that barf seat for you. And love the lamp!

Frugal Jen said...

I hope she gets to feeling better soon! Nothing worse than the throw ups. Since we moved and live on a curvy road my girls have developed car sickness. At least once a week it happens. I detest a barf seat, OMG horrible! Now I put a towel under the girls so it makes clean up easier. I still have to take the whole thing apart and wash it.

Hopefully she will be well and barf free today! Hugs to you Dina, Momma's working hard.

Mallorie said...

bless her little heart :-( I hope she gets to feeling better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Katie B! I had to lol at the pic of her in the baby car seat - so funny, but brilliant at the same time! I agree about the sheets, as I only have 2 sets. Although, I do have the ultimate sheet but only used it once (after a puke incident) because it is stiff - I just can't see how that would be comfortable! And, they only come in white or cream. That mucus puke is the worst! Hang in there...with cookies!

Anonymous said...

Simply saline is good for congestion and kids don't seem to mind it as much as regular saline spray. Either way, spray and wait 5 minutes then suction the nose. You get much more snot out that way. Gross, I know.

janet in ft worth said...

My granddaughter has the same puppy pajamas and they're so cute on her and on Katie. I hope she feels much better in a day or two. And go buy another sheet!