Christmas In January

I go to bed way too late. I am a night owl. I think I feel a little bit of freedom at night, because Katie's asleep and I can do whatever I want...quietly.

The sad part about staying up late is having to get up in the morning. I regret it every single sleepy day! EXCEPT for today!

You see I have been trying to get this necklace from www.Allorahandmade.com for a really long time.
I even put it on my Christmas list, but I guess I wasn't good enough last year! So I was just going to get it for myself, but it kept being sold out!

They update the website every Monday with ready to ship items. I haven't been quick enough to get this turquoise necklace. Well, it just so happens if you check their website at 1:00 am Monday morning, you can beat all those people snoozing and snatch up whatever is in stock!
If you snooze you lose.

I am sure you snoozers were bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning, BUT I am the proud owner of a modern pearl turquoise
necklace. Or at least I will be when it gets here in a few days!

I just wanted to share the cuteness with you. They have lots of other accessories too. And you don't have to shop in the middle of the night if you don't want to!

Speaking of cuteness, this is my sister in law, Lisa:

She got an article published in Destiny In Bloom here.

It's a beautiful story of hope and encouragement, about waiting for a baby and God's love.

Happy Shopping and reading!


Erin K said...

Congrats on your necklace. Glad your perseverance paid off! It's totally cute!

Staci said...

That necklace is too cute!

Kathleen@ A Bunch of Craft said...

So pretty, they must be handmade. Whoever makes those is very talented :)