Fun Times

Aunt Pam brought my nieces' old table over the other day for Katie to use.
I plan on painting it...someday.

I am not sure why Katie's first instinct is to sit on the table and not in the chair?
Of course I took a picture instead of getting her down.

Katie loves to "color". I guess it's something she learned at MDO, but when ever she sees my pens, she says "color".
And then she says it 100 more times! At first as a question and then an increasingly bossy tone until you hand over the pen.

These marks were already on the table when we got it.
I am not going to encourage furniture art. I do need to invest in some washable markers though. And maybe some magic pants that make her sit in the chair!

OK, I had to add more Just Dance pictures from NYE too!

Katie wanted to play:

I think my dad got extra points for his facial expressions!

One of the things I love about this kid is that she can really shake her booty!

She can dance AND color.
What more can you ask for in a daughter?


Staci said...

Your family looks so fun! I'm open for an invitation anytime.

And in the meantime, I'm trying to plan a candy shop party. I need help!!! Give me inspiration! (I really need apothecary jars. Lots of them!)

d said...

I love the pictures-coloring and dancing, very talented! She is so cute. Happy New Year!

Kimberley said...

i cannot stop giggling about your dad and all his moves! oh, and his shoes too! :)

Lynn said...

Looks like some fun family times are going on over at your house. There's nothing quite like the joy of a one-year-old who loves to dance :)

Erin K said...

Who needs a chair when you can sit on a table?? Love the pics of everyone dancing. And yes, a daughter that can color and dance is the best!