HB to my MIL!

Yesterday was my Mother in Law's birthday!
We celebrated at Marcus's sister's house:

Katie loves a good party.
I think that she might think that all birthday parties are for her?!

Katie and her "Annie" have a special love for each other. My mother in law is so sweet to watch Katie about once a week and they have the best time together.

My 12 year old niece, Melissa, once again, made an awesome cake!

I got portraits done for My MIL's birthday, because she is always wanting professional pics of Katie.

I loved this picture, but HATED the background. Thankfully they printed it in black and white for me.

And I got the CD, so lots of these I didn't get printed, but thought were cute:

They had a stuffed pig to get a smile out of Katie, but I guess they hadn't heard of her love of soft fluffy things. It was hard to get it out of her grip!

I'm a little jealous of her lashes:

And yes, she is looking at the pig in both of these pictures!

Katie's Annie was thrilled so that's all that matters!

I am blessed to have such sweet in laws!


Litsa said...

Awsome pictures!!! Happy Birthday to your mother in law!!

Nicole said...

So stinkin' cute!

Erin said...

So sweet! She is a real beauty!

Maryellen said...

Katie is precious. I love the curls. I can see her as a children's catalog model. They'd have to give her the "piggie" of course hah