I Couldn't Wait!

I just painted some stripes in my sitting room and I had to share!
Marcus is already asleep and I had to show someone.

I just pulled the tape off. That's my favorite part.
The project just took about 2 hours and it was free, because I had the paint and tape already.

I can't wait to hang everything back up.
I am going to be patient and let the wall dry first.

Here are some other cute stripes:

Katie put my headband on the other night and I thought she looked so chic.

I had to chase her around because she was busy!

I guess she had somewhere to go. At least she looked cute.

OK, I still need to go clean up my paint mess.
I have my priorities straight; blog first then clean up!


Staci said...

I Love me a striped wall! As you may now, I have one in my bedroom and LOVE it! Yours turned out great. And you work FAST!

Miss G said...

Amen on your priorities. I blogged first then cleaned when I did my stripes last week! Yea stripes! Kelly

Erin K said...

The wall looks great! 2 hours?? Something like that would have taken me all day. And Katie looks adorable!

Mallorie said...

wow I LOVE it!!!!!

Taylor said...

Your house is decorated sooooo cute!!! I love it and need you to come decorate my house! ha!

Rebecca said...

Looks great! I love the bright colors all over the room too!


emily said...

Love the stripes!!