Pigs and Stripes

The paint is dry and everything is hung back up after my stripe painting.

I also painted the shutters white-ish and then I painted 2 frames I had turquoise, and then had mirrors put in them.

This is the before picture:

And the after again with no flash and no sunlight. So it's kind of glowey.

I painted the shutters white, so they would go with the window more, and make it not so choppy looking. But then I like the color of the turquoise with my red couch, so I made the mirrors turquoise. Make sense?

The shutters show up better in real life. In the pictures they kind of blend with the wall. I guess you'll have to come over and see.
Today Marcus was outside doing some work and told Katie to throw on her overalls and join him. Well, we just happened to have overalls that were a hand me down from my niece! They are just 11 years old!

I thought I would try some pig tails this morning to go with her ensemble:

We are lucky Katie is still alive, because I just wanted to eat her up with the those pig tails!

And here are some stripes again, just in case you forgot!

I would like to put something turquoise on the coffee table that is toddler friendly. Any ideas?

Have a lovely weekend!


Staci said...

Love the stripes! Said it yesterday, but I really like them with all th stuff back up. As for the table, how about a nice box with lid. You know what kind I mean. One that's meant to be displayed. And you could keep a few small toys for Katie in there. Just a thought. Oooh, or a wooden tray?

Rebecca said...

Looks great! The decor and the pigtails (especially with overalls!)


ginacate said...

I think a big wooden turquoise turtle would be fun. My mom has one (not turquoise) and my kids always put it on the floor to ride it. Cute and practical. Doesn't every house need a turtle for riding on?

Mallorie said...

oh those pigtails are darling!

Erin K said...

Looks great! And the combo of the pigtails and overalls is so stinkin' adorable!!!

Vonda said...

I like the idea of the turquoise box, and then maybe some turquoise vintage kids books.

O Mom said...

The stripes make the room look so much bigger!
How about a big plastic bowl with tourquoise balls, either plastic ones or you could make some yarn ones!
Again in love with your decorating!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You have a Beyonce Chicken! hahahahaa!

*warning she uses naughty words.

Kelly said...

The stripes look fantastic! But, I must know, where did you get that giant rooster!!!! I want one!!!