Yesterday was a sad day in our household. It was the first day of Katie's life that she didn't take a nap. AND on SUNDAY! We all take a nap on Sunday!

The poor girl is so stuffed up that she couldn't breathe or get comfortable laying down.

So we gave up and went to my parent's house for a visit.
Katie tried on her Nonni's glasses:

Here you can see her sleepy, glassy, sick eyes:

And then she climbed on their ottoman and slid off about 1 million times!

Ooh look, maybe she's thinking about napping?!

No luck!

My mom had surgery on her fingers Friday:

She's giving you the finger there. I wasn't allowed to capture her face.

Anywhoo, the no sleep streak continued last night. This was at about 2:00 am or so:

We did saline spray, the nose sucker, sat in my bathroom with the shower going to steam it up, a little bit of benadryl, honey for the coughing, a couple warm baths, the humidifier, and lots of praying!

Katie finally slept from about 4:00 am to 9:00 am. Thankfully she has been as happy as she can be, and has not been fussy at all. I know she is so tired though. And I know that I am so tired too!

So, now I am asking YOU. What else can we do for a stuffy nose and cough? I trust you more than Google or Web MD. Don't let me down people!


Megan said...

Vicks Vapor Rub on chest, back, and feet always works for my little girl. Hope your little darling feels better soon!

Nicole said...

Go to walmart and buy a PediaCare Gentle Vapors plug in unit and an extra box of vapor pads. Plug it into the outlet closest to Katie's bed. Close her door. It will fill the room with vapor. One of my very favorite products!!!!!!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Take her to the doctor if it's a cough. Avery had one last week and I took her because strep and RSV are going around. She didn't have either of those things, but the dr. gave her some good cough medicine. Stuffy nose? Lots of steam and wait for it to pass. Boo! I hate it when little girls are sick, so poopy!

Donna said...

Rub vicks on the soles of her feet and cover with socks at night!!! It is the best cure for a cough! I was very sceptical at first too but it honestly works!!!

Angela said...

The PediaCare Gentle Vapors work wonderful! Love them! Also, Vicks on the chest can help too. I have also found that Children's Mucinex Stuffy Nose and Cold works wonders. Call your pediatrician for the dose you would give Katie, as they don't post for her age on the box anymore. I know w/ my little one when it got real bad like that our pedi recommended a 1/2 tsp and it worked great! I hope she (and you) get relief soon! Nothing sadder then a sick baby!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottom of the feet and then put on some warm socks. IT WORKS! I don't know how but it does :) I also agree with the Vapor Plug In. ALso, Johnson's Vapor Bath works wonders as well. I took both of mine to the doctor a few days ago and they both ended up on antibiotics and a cough medicine that has really helped them alot. I sure hope Katie feels better ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Rub vicks vaporub on soles of feet and then put socks on them, this is for the coughing. Next, rub vicks vaporub on chest and put on some warm pj's, but be sure to wash chest off with warm soapy water in the morning before going outside. Also, put some under her nose that should help too they do make mentholatem kids but idk about vicks vaporub for kids. Charlotte in Ga

Vonda said...

Okay, now a lot of people will probably think this is NOT the right thing to do, but those people have probably never watched their child suffer with a nose so stuffed that they are miserable. I SWEAR by Afrin Nose spray. I only use this on my kids when we are desperate and my child is so sick and needs sleep desperately. It even has dosages on the side for children, so it's not like I'm drugging them with something just for my benefit.lol. This stuff is a Godsend!!! Two squirts (I use the extra strength no drip formula with the green label) up each nostril, pinch shut so the stuff gets absorbed and within 15 minutes both sides are OPEN and stay open for 12 hours. Never fails. I have given this tip to so many of my friends and we all have kids with open noses!!! But like I said, not every time they get a cold, just when they are so stuffed up you think they are gonna keel over and turn blue!! :)

Vonda said...

Oh and I might mention that I have tried everything else, the Vick's Vapo Rub, on the chest, on the face, on the feet, the socks, in the vaporizer, and when none of that worked, then I used the Afrin. :)