Thanks Betty!

Today was a "I could use a cookie" kind of a day.
Katie has not been herself all week and this morning woke up with a fever. All 3 of us feel kind of blah. Cookies cure blah, if you didn't know!

Tonight I used the Betty Crocker Oatmeal cookie mix.
I always add a cup of chocolate chips to it. You can buy the mix with chocolate chips already in it, but for some reason, I think this way tastes better.

And, another tip I have for you is to use parchment paper under your cookies. They bake a lot better. I am sure there is some scientific reason behind it, but who really cares, right?

I used a melon baller to scoop my dough. It went a million times faster.

Look at all these tips I have for you!
That is rare. Usually, I am no good for any kind of educating purposes.

My cookies have been cooling while we speak, or write/read.
I am about to pour some milk and dig in.

I am praying we are all healthy tomorrow. Katie will have to stay home from Mother's Day out tomorrow since she had a fever today. So I am thinking tomorrow is going to be another "I need a cookie" day. I LOVE my kid, but I do love those little breaks too.
Can I get an Amen?!


Staci said...

Big, giant, fat AMEN with chocolate chips on top!

Erin K said...

Amen! I love that cookie mix too. I'll have to try adding my own choc chips. Hope Katie feels better soon. There's nothing worse than a sick kid.

Anonymous said...

I am usually no good at tips either, but I have a good one for that cookie mix. Mix it with just a little less of all wet ingredients listed (cannot remember what they are....see? No good!) and use as a topping on pies. Makes the best ever apple crumb topping! The men in my family always want to just eat the top of the dessert. So delish!