The Weekend

We had beautiful weather here on Friday, so we went to the Botanic Gardens in Ft. Worth.
They aren't very botanicalish this time of year.

It was kind of dry and brown.

BUT, it was a great place for Katie to Run

and run

and run

and climb a tree!

We worked up an appetite, so we went to Dutch's.
It's across from TCU and they have the best hamburgers. Their buns are delicious!
Nice Buns Dutch's!

Saturday night I had a craft night here with some of the girls from my mom's school.
My mom has hosted it before, but didn't invite her favorite daughters! So I hijacked craft night, and invited myself and my sister. My mom got invited by Erin!

Katie didn't want to go to bed and miss out on the fun. She organized her Aunt Kelly's sharpies for about an hour!

Today was filled with church, lunch with family, and a long nap.
I hope you had a great weekend too!


Nutty Mom said...

how fun! Dutch's is the best! If you haven't been before you need to take Katie to the Japanese gardens. And take quarters, because I bet she would LOVE feeding the fish!

Erin K said...

I've never been to Dutch's. I'll have to check it out. Cute pics at the Gardens. Love Katie's outfit! Craft night was a blast! Thanks again for hosting!

Harriett said...

Dutch's is yummy! We like to go there after the zoo.
How do you like the weather today? Rainy and dreary.