Katie turned 19 months old yesterday!

That's not really a long time to know somebody.
I've known my nail lady longer than that!
BUT, I could not live with out her now.
(Katie, not my nail lady, although, I don't want to live without her either, but in a different way)

I could just eat her face off!

OK, these are all the pictures I don't like to show on my blog.
I guess I am a little bit of a control freak when it comes to pictures?

Marcus took this yesterday. I want to make her smile and pull her skirt down:

This is cute, but I want to clean the back door and I really don't like the whole world knowing we have a recliner! It comes with the husband! :)

Katie got a Valentine gift from her Nonni. She loved the crinkle paper it came with!

I want to pull up her pants and put a bow in her hair!

And here, I was laying on the couch feeling SUPER barfy Monday night.

Thankfully my face is not in the picture!

And yesterday morning we had to wake Katie up for school.
I can rarely get a sleeping picture of her.

It's pretty stinkin cute, but I hate that she is wearing Christmas PJs on Valentine's Day. That's dumb, I know! I can't "stage" our whole life I guess!
I know I will cherish all these pics one day!

This is Katie a year ago:

I have not written ONE WORD in her baby book yet, so I need to put down some stats, so I can fill it in later and look like a good mom!
size 4 diaper
4 or 5 shoe
18 to 24 month clothes
Sleeps great! 11 to 12 hours at night and a 2 to 3 hour nap
Knows most of her letters and some #s
Anytime she sees a Coke, she says "more pease"
Marcus gives her whatever she wants when she says "pease"!
Says some sentences, Like "where daddy go? daddy are you?"
Loves books and calls them gooks and loves blocks too.
Still loves to dance

It's been a fun and fast 19 months!


d said...

Happy 19 months! I love the "real" pics;-)

O Mom said...

Loved the reals! :)

Mallorie said...

WOW! I started reading your blog when you were pregnant!!! It seems like yesterday!!! I have loved watching miss Katie grow!!! :-) Happy 19 months sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the picture editing - I do the exact same thing!

Anonymous said...

...meant to ask - I noticed a fire in a picture - how do you keep Katie away from it?

Miss G said...

I love reading about your sweet girl! So fun having two so close in age. Kelly

Erin K said...

She is a beautiful little girl inside and out! I think once you have kids, more and more things can't be controlled. Ya just gotta roll with it and remember you're not the only one. :)

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

I need to post pics like these.....keeping things real is awesome! first time visiting your blog :) your girl is beautiful!