Lots of you were asking where Marcus and I went on Valentine's day.

We drove out to Weatherford and went to a place called David's Stove Shop. It has some cool antiques, but it's not like a decorative antique store by any means. BUT there are lots of cute looking shops around the square.

And inside David's Stove Shop is The Shed. It's a cute little cafe and they make the best home made bread every day.
And they make a yummy pecan pie too!
Marcus and I also just liked to drive around and look at the old houses in the area.

And somebody asked how we keep Katie away from the fire:
I thought I would have to put my big baby gate up, but she has not really gone near the fire. We definitely would not leave her in that room unattended with a fire going though.

I'm trying to think if there were any other questions for me??

Anyway, did you know that Lent started tod
Are you giving anything up? Some people give up a luxury or something they really like as a penitence, or sorrow for their sin. I grew up Catholic, so we always did this.

Instead of giving something up this year, I am going to make sure I read my Bible BEFORE I get on the computer everyday. Reading God's word should come before reading my email or favorite blogs. I am not doing it as a penitence, but just to help me to remember to make God my priority. There is no way for me to pay for my sin on my own by sacrificing something. That's the whole exciting part about Easter. Jesus died for my sins!
And yours too! There is nothing we can do to earn that. We just have to receive that free gift.
So, Lent is a perfect time for me to add a little bit of discipline in my life and think about the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

And Marcus chose to give up desserts for Lent! I think that will be hard on me too. Although I did eat ice cream right in front of him tonight! I think giving something up that you love is a great way to focus on God too.

Maybe I should make Katie give up her pacifier for Lent!



Unknown said...

Since I know you know the magnitude of this I will share...I am giving up Coke for Lent! The hard part there is still some in the fridge. My plan is to pray every time I want it. Pray for me that I don't die, ha!

Unknown said...

Hi Dina, so funny to read about lent on your blog. Growing up catholic in south La. (everyone is catholic) nobody ate meat on Fridays but we always had yummy shrimp, crawfish and seafood dinners! Eventurally I came to realize that eating a ham sandwich would be much more of a sacrafice but that's the way we were raised so when in Cajun country.... :)

I recently found your blog site. I enjoy it alot and thought maybe you might like to drop in and read mine. the last post is about a barn Joe "acquired" for the wood. I'm new to this so let me know what you think and I would love to get hints and pointers to get it more out there. Thanks Gwen

trooppetrie said...

i was worried about our fireplace too but the baby stays away from it.

Frugal Jen said...

We love Dave's stove shop. One of our favorite BBQ spots. It's not far from our house.