The Bowl, The Voice, The Bars and The Kid

Did you watch the Super Bowl tonight? It was actually an exciting close game. I mainly just care about the commercials and the junk food though.

I was really excited about The Voice coming back tonight.

The people on there are so amazingly talented. It makes it fun to watch.
Christina's boobs were a little distracting though. And not in a good way (if there is such a thing). They were awkwardly "out there". Anyway, I am excited about this season.

I was asked about the pecan bars I made the other day.
Here's my recipe:

I get the mix out of the box and follow the instructions. Sorry to disappoint. BUT they are so dang good. They taste just like a pecan pie. And you can eat it with your hands, so it feels like you are having less calories.
Katie finally slept through the night last night since she started getting sick last weekend. She has hard the hardest time breathing through her nose and has terrible cough attacks.

I think we are finally seeing some improvement. Thank you God!
All the pics of her this week are in her PJ's. We haven't done too much of anything.

She was trying to ride Blue like a pony here.

My mom came to visit this week a couple of times:

And this was from tonight, during the game. Pardon my non made up self. My hair and make-up have not been done all week.

I saw Katie's eyes getting heavy while she was in her high chair. So I picked her up and she was asleep with in 10 seconds.

My prayer is that she will be well enough to go to school on Tuesday. We both need to see some sunshine and get out of our PJ's!

Hope you had a more eventful weekend!


Jennifer said...

I told my husband the same thing about Christina during The Voice. I told him that she needed to get her necklace out of her boobs because it was just gross!

JAS said...

i saw tape! idk, it was just gross. you can be sexy and not have to show all that junk. gross. first time i have watch the show. i liked it.