Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I just got in lots of good "Girl Time" this weekend.

Thursday night I got to go out with my friend, Laura, who is affectionately know by me as Laurie!

Her husband's name is Bobby, so one day instead of saying, "Bobby and Laura", I accidentally said, "Laurie and Bobba". So it stuck and those have been their names for the past several years. Her name is even saved in my phone as "Laurie."

First, we saw The Vow and loved it. We both weren't totally satisfied by the ending though and wanted to see The Vow 2 right away.
Not that there is such a thing, but there should be!

Then we ate at the Cheesecake Factory and shut the place down!

We were too busy talking and eating to get a picture, unfortunately.

Then on Friday I spent my first night away from Katie!

Courtney wanted a girls weekend for her birthday. She just had to wait an extra month!

We stayed at Anna's in-law's farm about an hour away. It was beautiful!

Anna made a yummy dinner for all of us.

And she was sweet and made a Birthday cake for Courtney and me:

We had such a great time. We stayed up until 4:00 am just chit chatting the night away!
I am thankful for such fun and sweet friends.

And I am super thankful for my husband who took off work to watch Katie, so I could go!

A few of us met the guys and kids at Cheddars for dinner when we got back into town.

Drew and Jack

And Charis and Katie being super cool!

I was so ready to see that little girl.
Katie had a GRAND time with her daddy! They went out to breakfast, Cabella's, and the park. I am pretty sure I wasn't missed at all!

Now it's back to reality...laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, diapers, etc.

I wouldn't change a thing!


Vonda said...

Good Lord I think I need my eyes checked. I stared for 10 minutes at the center thing on the table and FINALLY, after zooming in, saw that it was 2 deer figurines. I thought it was something made for dinner and to me it looked like 2 roasted FERRETS!! Calling the eye doctor!! lol

Fabiola said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the Cheese Cake picture. It makes my mouth water : - S

Miss G said...

Look at your adorable heart sequin shirt!! I love Katie's polka dot and bow shirt too. Kelly