Ice Cream and Zebras

Yippee for another healthy day
and double yippee for another school day!

I got my mountain of laundry folded. PLUS, I cleaned out my closet and drawers. It is astonishing to me that I accumulated a trash bag full of garbage and a box of stuff to donate. We have only lived in this house a year and a half AND we just recently moved into that bedroom.

I should be ashamed of myself!
Except, now I'm just proud of myself for getting things somewhat organized.
Yay me!

Katie committed a fashion faux pas and wore zebra print two days in a row. Whoops.

But, I had to share her passion for ice cream.

I like how you can kind of see her mouth and nose squished against the bowl.

The poor girl inherited my love of sugar and her daddy's manners.
Heaven help her!

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Staci said...

Much too cute. I kind of eat ice cream the same way. Are you, by chance, headed to the Smocked Auctions Sample Sale in Dallas tomorrow. I want to go. Just dread the drive. Supposed to be some good deals. Love me some smocking, just haven't decided if I want to drive to north Dallas to shop for it.