I'm Gonna Let It Shine

Your husbands are going to ban you from my blog, because I keep encouraging you to buy stuff!
BUT this is for the spiritual well being of your child, so it's OK to spend some money, honey!

I came across these super cute scripture ABC flash cards from Lil Light O Mine.

It goes through the whole alphabet and has a scripture that starts with each letter. And they are cute and not tacky. (like lots of kid stuff is, am I right?!)
I got some for Katie, and I am going to put them in her Easter basket.
So, don't tell her, K?

I think they would be so cute framed and put in a nursery or play room. I might actually laminate mine, so they don't get ruined.
No offense Katie, but your kind of a ruiner!

Somehow I can remember almost all the lines to Pee Wee's Big Adventure from over 25 years ago, but I have a hard time memorizing scripture.
Are you embarrassed for me?

These cards will be great for both of us!

I am having to use all my will power to NOT type out all the Pee Wee lines that are flooding my brain right now!


Courtney said...

Dina! You are so sweet. Thanks so much for the kind words. I think your Katie will love them. She may not thank you now but she will later in life when those scriptures just keep coming up because at an early age they were in her heart with the help of her mother. They are printed with a coating that keeps them pretty safe from sticky fingers - but definitely not the level of lamination. Make them safe for the master ruiner over there. :) I keep all 26 of mine on my easel in the kitchen. And, I have another set in our playroom hanging from giant ribbons and clothespins. Thanks again! courtney

Unknown said...

Buying ours now! They will be in my little girls Easter basket too! Thank you so much for sharing!!


Dixie said...

K! But please next time I see ya I would love to hear about Pee Wee. Hahahaha!

Erica said...

Those are cute!
We have these and my kids LOVE them!

Erin K said...

They are super cute! My parent's needed these when I was a kid. They just made up their own. I can still remember a lot of the verses. I think we only got to the middle of the alphabet. :) Have fun with them!