Just Some Things

We are the proud owners of this house...still.
We refinanced, FINALLY!

We thought we were going to have to move, because we couldn't refinance and we had to pay off our original loan. Then we found a new mortgage person that could help us, AND we got a really super good appraisal, so it all worked out.
The best part is, that our house payments will be lower than before!

I did pack up a ton of boxes when I thought we were moving, so that was a big pain in the hiney for nothing!

I do still want this house, in case you were wondering:

It's still for sale!
And we still can't afford it, unless we win the lottery, that we don't play, or if someone dies.

For now, we are perfectly content in our current home and thankful for shelter, a pink dining room, and cheap house payments!

Now let's travel back to 1987, or so....


My mother-in-law got me these Keds for my birthday and I LOVE them. They are perfect for the season in between boots and flip flops. I wanted to share them just in case you needed some too. They brought me right back to 6th grade...in a good way!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention that Marcus got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

It's so much fun! It's like an iPad, except you don't have to sell your first born to buy one!
You can watch movies, play games, read blogs and the rest of the world wide web too. And I might even download a book one day!

Did you know we get an extra day of the year tomorrow? It's Leap Day! I kind of wish the whole world could shut down for a day and we could just take one big giant nap!


Nicole said...

Yep, Rick said that tomorrow should be a FREEBIE.

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before, but I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! I love your decorating, your sweet spirit and your sense of humor. You're hilarious! Anyway, have a great day and don't go too many days between posts. Thanks,

Erin K said...

Glad you get to stay in your house. It's such a great house. And packing is a pain. And YIPPEEE for lower house payments!

T Sharee said...

LOVE your blog!

Mady and Jacks Mama said...

Amen to your thoughts on Leap Day! I had thought almost the same thing earlier in the week. What good is it to have another day to go to work like every other year? If we could all pause things and have a nice nap, that would be something to make a big deal about!

Mandi said...

Those Keds are so cute..have to get me a pair!

Michele said...

Yahoo on your house! Super yahoo on those darling keds ~ love the ruffles...

emily pfaff said...

I don't remember how I happened upon your blog but I think I know someone who actually knows you "in real life" LOL and I think we love the same house! Isn't that the house on Curt in DWG? I adore that house. I think it looks like it belongs on the front of a Christmas Card!
Congrats on your house!

Twinkle Terrior said...

Hi Dian - even though you would put your awesome personal touch to the house you want -- the house you have is so adorable!! CONGRATS on keeping it -- it is so pretty. TGIF - hugs and happy w-end yall!