My Friend Courtney...

is hilarious, without trying to be. The funniest things happen to her almost daily. Well, I guess really embarrassing things happen to her. ALL. THE. TIME!

Maybe it's because she has twin 2 year olds? That makes life a little crazy!

She just posted this picture on her
This is more about her husband, but it's just typical Osborne life.

Read the story here.

Also read the post about her hot pink panties , locking her kids in the car, and her bucket list, because it's a mixture of spiritual and silly. Just like her.

Anyway, I didn't have anything funny to share with you today and she's usually good for a laugh. You will wish she was your friend Courtney too...but she's MINE! You cant' have her! We actually call her Corny around here. And that's another funny story for another day.

Also check out the picture on the bottom of her blog, it's one of my favorite memories!

Love you Courtney!


amberdawn said...

I love that you posted this! I crack up every time I read her blog, and when she comes in to get her hair did! I think it's her awesome personality through it all that I love so much! :)

The Lindsey Family said...

Thanks for sharing... I have twins, too, and I love knowing that crazy things happen to other moms or multiples!