Popeye Would Be Proud!

I am trying to fight Katie's sick bug as hard as I can.
I am even pulling out the


I have been camouflaging it's vegetableness in fruit smoothies.
You can't even taste it!

I add fresh pineapple, blueberries, some frozen strawberries and peaches, honey, and little bit of juice or water, and just blend it up! I think it helps to have a pink blender!

Katie sucks it up with a straw and loves it!

I also made pecan bars today to make up for the spinach and fruit consumption.
This is all we have left:

Today the weather was beautiful! It was in the 70's and we went for a walk. It's was nice for Katie and I both to get some fresh air.

This was a picture I took one year ago today:

I love this beautiful weather, but I sure would love some winter around here too!

I also took this picture one year ago today:

It looks like tomorrow is going to be another missed school day. :(

My house needs a serious cleaning and more importantly, I need a retail therapy trip to Hobby Lobby. The kind where I go down every aisle and look at every single thing in the store.


Cooking Up Faith said...

I know the pain of coughing so bad you throw up type illness - for my child we finally figured out it was allergy induced asthma - meaning the cough attacks were asthma and the reason behind the attacks is allergies. The only thing that has worked is allergy shots. I think the real issue is to find out what is causing the congestion/runny nose, which then causes the cough attacks. It took us a long time to realize for our child it was allergies, and that was what was causing the asthma (cough) attacks. I will say a prayer tonight that God sheds some light on what is the cause behind your daughter's cough attacks. It is NOT fun to watch when all you want to do is make it better. :(

3LittleByrds said...

Love the pink blender. I'd expect nothing less from you. :) The smoothie doesn't look too bad. Did you try it? This weather is crazy isn't it? It's so funny to think a year ago it was snowing and so cold and now it feels like spring. Love it though.

Nicole said...

I love Hobby Lobby days! And I have really been wanting to try to a Green Smoothie. I have been looking at all the different options. I would love to send my husband off to work with one every morning. Hope Katie gets to feeling better soon! I bet a good snow would make her all better. But you're like us ... doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Unknown said...

oh the irony, look at my blog post from what I made last night! A different version of the same spinage shake!!! must've been a spinage eating kind of day!


the undomesticated wife said...

Spinach is good!

Unknown said...

1) Spinach is yummy in EVERYTHING!
2) Share your pecan bars recipe? Pretty please with sugar on top..
3) Hope everyone is feeling better soon :)

Fabiola said...

I hope everyone is healthy soon : )

And those pecan bars made me crave them ; )