The Tale of The Dresser and The Door

When we moved our master bedroom into the guest bedroom, I didn't think I had room for 2 dressers on either side of the bed.

So my dresser, along with my underwear, got moved to the dining room.

That got old REAL quick.

So I moved a different, already white dresser, into our room. It mostly fits:

I can't fully open the closet door, but it's a small price to pay to have your undies in your own room.

I also hung a little chandelier up and traded out the mirror on the right, so they weren't so matchy.

Marcus also made a doorway between our bedroom and the bathroom. This is originally where the furnace was:

I didn't get a true before shot, but this was the "during" picture.

That doorway wasn't there, and a big, ugly, OLD furnace was there before. It flooded the guest room. That's why we tore up the carpet and replaced it with wood. Then we made it our master bedroom.

This is the bathroom side before the door was all the way cut out:

And then the door after:

And in our room again:

I got the mirror at IKEA and it's a bit wonky. You can tell by looking at the polka dot curtains. They are all the same size polka dots in real life. The mirror makes me look like I have an extra tall forehead with a giant bump it in my hair. Cool!

We decided to put in wood boards instead of just texturing the sheet rock. I would love to do a whole room like this.

The walls are white pearl and the ceiling is light apple green.

So now I am living large, with a door to the bathroom, and my unmentionables in my own room. Except that I already mentioned them twice!

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Jennifer said...

I love it and love the wood boards on the wall leading into the bathroom. It makes me think of an old farmhouse (and I love old farmhouses).

These are the days... said...

Love the boards on the wall! Going to Ikea next week so might have to get that mirror minus the wonk. I already have a wonky mirror in my bedroom. The farther away you are the fatter you look. It shocks me everytime I look up at it from across the room. I try to get as close as possible to it normally. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I love the mirror on the door! I think it is awesome!

Haverford House said...

Love how you pulled everything together! The green is my favorite along with the polka dot drapes! Awesome job! ~Marcy

Dirt Princess said...

Ooooh i love. I put a curtain in between my mine. I absolutely adore the wood

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

What a cute post! Your bedroom is adorable. I love the green ceiling and the wood walls in the alcove. Great job!

Lesley said...

I LOVE your style! The colors are wonderful...and different. :) The image of the side table just got me. I love the light fixture off center with the who vignette. Super duper.

(side note: You might want to take the word verification off your comments section. I removed it and have started getting way more comments.)

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Your room is soooo cute. I love love love it. I like your wonky mirror too. The boards in that door area look perfect. I gotta go see what else you have done. By the way...I wouldn't want my undies in the dining room either. Can you imagine if a guest was trying to help out and find napkins or something and looked in there. Hehehe

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

PS My husband is a firefighter too.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Just one more thing....we also live in Texas and my husband's mom's name was Dina. :)

Cindy said...

Wow! What a lot of work you've been doing! It all looks great. I love the different heights of the two dressers. Fabulous job! XO Cindy