The Weekend

If you know the Beastie Boys, just start singing " She's Crafty" right now! If you don't know the Beastie Boys, then I feel bad for you.

We had another craft night on Friday! Woo Hoo!

AND the bonus was that Marcus made us delicious cheesy chicken enchiladas!

This time we all worked on the same craft.
Tricia's desk!

This was the before:

Katie was sorting bowls for our modge podge:

Tricia bought this mirror and loves it,so she wanted her desk to go with it.

So we all combined scrapbook paper and decoupaged it on the desk.

It took some math skillz that we failed at, at first, but it turned out cute!
And we had lots of fun too!

Speaking of cute and fun:

Ignore the sea of pink toys in the background. And maybe ignore the fact that my baby is in a camo buck too. That's kind of weird!

OK, That was all on Friday. And Saturday was super fun too!
My Godmother was in town from South Carolina for a super quick trip, so she was able to stop by on Saturday.

My parents with Nancy.

They all met when they were newly weds and lived in the same apartment building in New York. I was raised Catholic, so that's why I get to have a Godmother.

Nancy, Me and Katie:

And we ended the weekend with some Katie tossing in the front yard:
Fun times!

Tomorrow is another BIG day. It's a national holiday. And I'm NOT talking about President's Day either!


Miss G said...

Oh tease tease tease

Staci said...

Ia tomorrow your half birthday? Just a guess? Love that photo of Katie flying through the air.

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my desk?! Thank you soooo much! Glad Katie was there to supervise all of us. That last shot is a good one...don't show Nonni. It might make her nervous! And lastly, happy birthday!!!

Erin K said...

I had so much fun on our craft night. Those enchiladas were so yummy! And if only the rest of the nation would observe our national holiday. I want the day off to celebrate! Happy birthday!

Lauren said...

That last picture totally makes me nervous...but I am sure Katie was giggling and having a blast!

AKK said...

The "Katie Tossing" pic put such a smile on my face! My hubs used to do that with our kiddos and they were always just as relaxed as Katie is in this photo. She is just adorable!