Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Night Special is all about Old Windows!

I am THE QUEEN of old windows! I have an aversion to art work, so I use lots of windows, mirrors, and shutters to decorate.

I decorated an entry way for a friend with an old window here:

These are all pics of my current house.
Katie's room:

Marcus built an old stained glass window into this wall:

Stained glass windows hang in my kitchen:

The window above my bed is covering a real window. I put leopard paper behind it for privacy...and some funkiness.

I sprayed some Krylon Looking Glass spray paint behind this window, to make it reflective. It kind of resembles mercury glass.

Now these pictures are from my last house, House #4:

Above my kitchen cabinets with a light behind it:

And these pics are from house #3. We call it the 'Flip' house, because we flipped it!

And house #2.
A window above the mantle and on the white cabinet:

And my current sitting room.

See, I told you I was the window Queen. You can be the princess if you want!

I love to decorate with old windows. They go with everything and you can find them pretty cheap! Cheap and easy, just like your m....I won't go there!

Window shopping has a whole new meaning now!


Laura Drewry said...

Hey Dina! I always enjoy looking at your decor throughout your cute house! I love it! I love all of your old windows too...I have one from a very old house that's real beat up looking and paint chipped in places. I have been wandering if there is anything special you would use to clean it up with? I have also thought about repainting it, but my hubs says I shouldn't! What do you think??

The Magnolia House said...

Dina, You are the Queen for sure!

Jamie Lynn said...

You are too funny girl! Love your blog! Oh and I LOVE the windows!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your windows are inspiring!

the undomesticated wife said...

I've been collecting old windows for about 15 years now. Almost every single window in my house has an old stained glass window hanging in side of it! I also have a few out in the garage waiting for a place to go.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, where do you find old windows? I love your decorating style!!!

Winfred Eibach said...

Seeing your house, it seems you've collected every kind of window imaginable, and made it into a piece of art to decorate your home! Well, only a few can do that, and I'm green with envy for your talent!

Anthony Blommel said...

Wow, you turn old windows into beautiful works of art! With just a few creative touches, you have managed to turn them into decorations that would suit any room in a house. Perhaps you can do another set for this spring.