Change of Plans

My friend, Tori, was supposed to come in for a visit from Arkansas this weekend.
I was REALLY looking forward to it. We laugh until we cry and can't breathe. BUT she has a very sick kid and couldn't make it at the last minute. I am so glad she was still in town when her son needed her.

So, instead I am stuck with this girl and her daddy:

Not too shabby!
We went to Dutch's today. It's across from the TCU campus. So unless you are 23 or younger, it might make you feel old to be there.
It's totally worth it for their delicious burgers though. And they have the BEST buns in the world. Next to my husband's, that is. ;)

I also got a pedicure today in honor of Tori.
That's something we always do when she's in town. It was a must for me, because my feet have not been flip flop ready. And it has been flip flop weather for a month now.

I always pick out OPI red for my toes. Even though every time I say I am going to do something different. That's the color I grab EVERY TIME! Today I grabbed it first thing, looked at the bottom, OPI Red! Dangit. So I put it back and grabbed another color that looked good, looked at the bottom, OPI RED! Ugh! So I just went with it. And now my toes are worthy of my flip flops!

I wonder if Marcus wants to stay up late, eat peanut butter m&m's and watch a chick flick?
I miss you Tori!


A Lighter Brighter Doggier Corner

Do you ever have spaces in your house that just bug you?
I do.
This corner of the living room always bothered me.
I could search for a before picture, but I don't wanna.

This is the "after", so I hope it doesn't bug you the way it is right now:

I needed some color and light in this corner. It was just too dark for me.
Maybe it's the chocolate brown walls?

I kind of have the urge to paint them lighter, but changing up this space was easier for the moment.

And LOOK in the background you can see I painted my dining room table, from black to antique white!

There is a dog theme going on here.
My friend Jennifer painted our dogs. I LOVE these pictures.

And Marcus loves this pic of Katie and Blue taken last April.
It looks like a beautiful field, but we were by the highway.

I had this red sconce already. I just added the white stripes to the cover thingies.

I like for things to be a tiny bit whimsical, if you haven't noticed!

I did a little rearranging to my white cabinet too:

I just noticed Katie in this picture, standing on the chair, and watching her daddy mow out the window.

I just got this cute metal mirror at Hobby Lobby.

Katie is coloring with her markers while I'm on the computer.
I love that she uses ALL the colors.

I think that might be an inherited trait!


A Snow Cone and A Year

Our favorite Snow Cone stand opened during spring break. Normally we would be the first ones in line, BUT my husband decided to give up desserts for Lent. So instead we were going to be the first ones in line the day after Easter.

Have you ever heard the term, When the cat's away the mice will play? Well Marcus is the cat, which he will hate, and Katie and I are the mice, which I think is gross.

What I am trying to say is that Katie and I totally cheated on Marcus and got a snow cone today!

Katie got a pee wee Cherry.
The snow cone lady suggested a lid and a straw and I think she is a genius!

I got a strawberry shortcake.

My usual is a peachy melon with gummy bears, but I got a temporary crown on Monday and I don't want it to stick to a bear and fall out. I get the permanent one in 5 weeks.
I could have bought the Queen of England's crown for what I spent on my tooth crown.

On another, much sadder note, did you watch The Duggar's last night?

It was about them losing their daughter at 18 weeks pregnant. They went to the gender reveal sonogram and there wasn't a heart beat. Devastating! I LOVED that immediately they prayed, and thanked God for her life, and put their trust in Him. That's really all you can do in a situation like that.

Marcus and I always joke that the only things we have in common are Jesus, Mexican food and Katie. We have a great marriage, but NOTHING in common. BUT there are some shows we like to watch together and the Duggar's is one of them. Marcus decided when he saw the preview for this show, he didn't want to watch it. It hit too close to home.

One year ago today, I miscarried our baby. I was supposed to have a D&C the next day, but it happened on it's own. I watched the show late last night and sobbed and snotted all over myself. I am sure Marcus was glad he missed out on that!

We don't feel sorry for ourselves and we don't feel like victims.
The only reason I talk about my miscarriage is to TRY to give comfort to others. I know it helped me to talk to people in the same boat.
The 2 things that give me tremendous peace are:

1. God has a plan for my life ( and yours) . He loves me (and you) more than I can imagine.

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

2. We are just passing through this Earth for a split second compared to eternity. I will see that baby again in Heaven and spend forever with Him. And he ( I think it was a he, but I don't know for sure. I just don't want to call him "it") is with Jesus and having a perfectly awesome time right now!

The big ugly things in life make you appreciate the little things in life... Like snow cones!


15 Again

We had lots of fun, cute and sweet house guests this weekend. We hosted the 9th grade girls for our Disciple Now weekend at church.

I knew to stock up on drinks...

and junk food...

I had the privilege of hosting my Sunday School class:

Katie LOVED the company

and the cheese balls! And the chips and the cookies and the donuts too!

The girls wanted to ding dong ditch the 9th grade boys house. Then I had the brilliant idea of getting water guns at the 99 cent store! The plan was to ring the door bell, run and hide in the bushes, then ATTACK when they came out looking for them.

But the boys happened to be outside when we went by, so I told them to just run at them and attack anyway. I was so scared they were going to come to my house and retaliate. I put a scary and, maybe inappropriate, note on my door about the consequences of waking my baby. Thankfully no boys came over!

Katie slept like a champ both nights! 12 hours! I put a box fan in her room to drown out the noise!

Her room is RIGHT off the party room:

We all were pretty sleepy for church this morning:

It was an exciting day, because it was the ribbon cutting and dedication of our new youth building!

It is totally amazing. I know Katie will be hanging out with her friends here one day!

It was a fun weekend, but I am TIRED!

I love these girls!

Tomorrow I get to go to the dentist at the crack of dawn and get a crown. So that will be fun too. UGH!


Fun With Fifi

I have neglected this poor blog all week.

I have been getting ready for some major company this weekend!
teenage girls! Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately when I have company coming, it inspires me to redecorate and get projects done on the house. And that always makes a HUGE mess that I have to clean up in the nick of time. So that's where we are now. I have paint in my hair right now if that tells you anything.

AND, it rained IN our house this week. So Marcus has been taking care of the leaking roof and ceiling. FUN!

We had our family over for lunch on Sunday and Katie had fun with her Uncle David.
Whom she calls Fifi:

These pictures just reminded me that I have to clean my front windows before the girls come over! I will just add it as #123 on my "TO DO" list!


A Sleepover and A Birthday

Last night my niece and nephew, Morgan and Ryan, spent the night with us!
Katie was in Heaven.

We took them to the Fort Worth Water Gardens:

Then we ate at 5 Guys Burgers. It was delish!

Then we went home and got comfy in our PJs and watched Tangled.

And when you sleep at Aunt Dina's you get hot chocolate chip cookies and milk before bed.

We had to wake Katie up this morning, because she thought she was Sleeping Beauty.

She couldn't believe her eyes and when Morgan and Ryan were STILL here! Yay!

Then we had fun at the park:

Here's Katie asking, where did the butterfly go?

Katie is so blessed to have such sweet cousins!

Then tonight we celebrated her Uncle David's birthday. He is Marcus's older brother.

Katie calls him Fifi!

Here's Jeddy with his daddy, looking pretty proud of his gift:

And Katie and Fifi:

We are so fortunate to live by all our immediate family. They are all within a 5 mile radius of us. Some people might hate that, but it's been a blessing. ESPECIALLY when you have a kid. Katie squeals with delight anytime she sees her family. And they all love her unconditionally. It's great! AND we have never had to pay for a babysitter. AND bonus, both our families get along great. My 2 nephews play together all the time and they aren't technically related, but they are like cousins.

I wish I could get all 18 of them to move to a cute little town by the beach. That would be wonderful!